Air Power Inc. is a Preferred Factory Engine Distributor for Continental Motors

Air Power is one of the leaders of General Aviation engine sales and believes in only distributing the best in aircraft and engine parts to our clients. According to recent numbers, we have totaled over 35,000 engine sales to customers since our creation in 1992 by Howard G. Van Bortel. One of the manufacturers that we are proud to offer engines and parts for is Continental Motor Group. Continental Motor Group provides advanced gasoline and diesel piston engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, avionics equipment, and repairs. Air Power Inc. is proud to carry Continental products and has formed a relationship with the manufacturer that has led to us being deemed a preferred factory engine distributor for Continental Motor Group. Long-Standing Partners Grow Closer According to Chris Kuehn, Vice-President, After Market Sales and Support for Continental Motors Group, Air Power Inc. has tremendous experience in selling Continental engines as well as offering other additional …Read More >>

3 Signs that Your Airplane Landing System Needs Help

One of the most important aspects of your airplane is its landing gear system. You can have a smooth take-off and flight, but if your wheels and brakes are in need of maintenance or replacement, your landing may be a rough one. As with all vehicles, your airplane will give you the signs that it is in need of wheel and brake attention. It is up to you, the pilot to know the signs and what actions to take in order to keep your landing gear system in top shape and prepared for the next flight. 3. Are Your Cleveland Wheels Feeling Out of Balance? If you land your plane and notice excessive wobbling in your wheels, you may be in need of a wheel and tire balance. We know your Cleveland wheels are the key components to a smooth landing, so understanding when it is time for a wheel and tire balance is important. …Read More >>

Feature Product: Barry Mounts

A plane is only as good as the plane parts it’s made from. Engines, tires, brakes, and other parts on a plane need to function together as a well-oiled unit in order to give the pilot the power he needs to fly. One of the most underrated and yet important aircraft part is the engine mount. At Air Power, one of our best selling products is a Barry Controls engine mount. If you’re unfamiliar with aircraft parts, then you’ll appreciate a few simple reasons for its popularity. Engine Mounts Made with Care Each engine mount that goes to our customers is made with the same high-quality standards as other aircraft parts engineered by the Hutchinson Group Company. They place priority on crafting Barry Controls engine mounts that can withstand the rigor associated with flying and provide a long-lasting piece of equipment. Everything they manufacture is guaranteed to withstand extreme flying conditions. Barry Mounts That Function …Read More >>

Change Out Your Old Alternator for Less Than the Price of an Overhaul

Airplanes require constant maintenance and repairs to keep them in good working condition for their pilots. One of the things that will need to be replaced over time is an aircraft’s alternator. At Air Power, we understand that replacing any airplane part can be expensive. Luckily, Hartzell Engine Technologies is offering a great deal to flying enthusiasts who need to replace their old alternators. Forget an Alternator Overhaul If you have an older Cessna or Piper aircraft, then your alternator is more than likely an automotive alternator from around 40 years ago. We don’t have to tell you that an alternator that old probably isn’t doing the best job it could. Overhauling your alternator may not be financially feasible for you right now and we understand that. Now until March 31st, we’ll send you $150 if you upgrade to a new Hartzell unit and ship us your old alternator. Why Replace What Isn’t Broken Yet? …Read More >>

Hartzell Engine Technologies Releases Powerful New Alternator

For almost every pilot out there, the need for speed and power behind a joystick is paramount. Although a fictional movie, we see the importance and thrill of it in Top Gun when Tom Cruise jumps in his military jet trying to beat previously held records for speed and time. Unfortunately not every airplane can put out adequate power to satisfy the pilot. Luckily, there’s a solution in the works from Hartzell Engine Technologies. Plane-Power is re-releasing its popular line of belt-driven “ALT-FLX” alternators. If you’re looking for a powerful boost for your airplane engine, then this is a great solution. What You Need to Know About the New Belt-Driven Alternator Until Hartzell Engine Technologies can figure out a few complicated component sourcing issues, they’ll be selling factory-rebuilt alternators. The units will consist of recycled parts that will be tested and measured based on new quality standards. They will also include a 24-month warranty like …Read More >>

Garmin GPS Holiday Rebate

The holidays are approaching fast and we all have that one person on our list that we can’t seem to find the perfect gift for. Nothing can be more annoying than knowing your Christmas shopping isn’t done yet because the right present hasn’t come along. If you’re shopping for the pilot in your life, our aviation experts have a holiday special that will get you excited! Now until December 22, you can save up to $100 on select Garmin handheld portables. Owning a Garmin GPS makes flying easier, safer, and more enjoyable for any flying enthusiast. Garmin is offering a rebate of up to $100 on select models. There’s no time like the present to spoil your loved one with a new navigation system for his or her aircraft. Rebates are available on the following portable devices: aera 796/795 aera 660 aera 510/500 GPSMAP 696/695 GDL 39 (3D) VIRB XE Aviation Bundle D2 Bravo (Titanium) …Read More >>