Air Power is one of the leaders of General Aviation engine sales and believes in only distributing the best in aircraft and engine parts to our clients. According to recent numbers, we have totaled over 35,000 engine sales to customers since our creation in 1992 by Howard G. Van Bortel.

One of the manufacturers that we are proud to offer engines and parts for is Continental Motor Group. Continental Motor Group provides advanced gasoline and diesel piston engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, avionics equipment, and repairs. Air Power Inc. is proud to carry Continental products and has formed a relationship with the manufacturer that has led to us being deemed a preferred factory engine distributor for Continental Motor Group.

Long-Standing Partners Grow Closer

According to Chris Kuehn, Vice-President, After Market Sales and Support for Continental Motors Group, Air Power Inc. has tremendous experience in selling Continental engines as well as offering other additional services to customers that enhance the Continental experience.

Additional services we provide include:

  • Engine Financing
  • Cost-Effective Shipping Options
  • Dedicated Sales Team

Our knowledge of Continental Motors Group engines guarantees the highest level of service to all customers interested in purchasing a Continental engine or engine parts.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the business and our long-time relationship with Continental Motors Group, they have designated Air Power Inc. as a preferred distributor for Factory New and Factory Rebuilt engines. We will now offer a full range of Continental gasoline engines and customers will have the ability to request quotes, engine customization, and place orders directly from Continental’s website and using dedicated phone lines.

New Contracts Mean More for Aircraft Parts Customers

With our new title comes a new contract between Air Power Inc. and Continental Motors Group. Under this new agreement we will maintain a trained team of Continental gasoline engine sales experts that will be able to provide extensive product knowledge requirements to our business.

These team members will be able to answer all questions customers may have about Continental engines and the intricacies of this product. Aside from these services, Air Power, Inc. guarantees low-cost shipping, provided warranty management, and further engine financing.


Air Power Inc. and Continental Working for You

We are honored to be chosen as a Continental Motors Preferred Engine Distributor, George E. Van Bortel, President and General Manager of Air Power Inc. says. We are looking forward to the continuation of building long-term relationships with our customers by displaying the trust, technical expertise, and service excellence that we have stood by since 1992.

If you are a pilot that is interested in learning more about Continental Motors Group and their gasoline engines, give us a call today.