Cessna has a new aircraft for pilots who enjoy speed and style—the Cessna TTx. It is the aviation company’s new single engine piston aircraft. It is the first aircraft to feature the Garmin G2000 avionics system and is the world’s fastest fixed gear, single engine piston aircraft in production.

It completed its first production flight on March 2, departing from Cessna’s facility in Independence, Kansas. It reached a height of 17,000 feet and clocked in at 213 knots The aircraft was flown 275 times and logged 339 hours in the air during testing.

The Cessna TTx evolved from the Corvalis line of aircraft. It has a TSIO-550-C six-cylinder Continental Motors engine, its max cruise speed is 235 knots, and it has a height ceiling of 25,000 feet. With 102-gallon fuel capacity and a maximum range of 1,250 nm, the TTx can fly across the country without stopping for fuel on long-range settings. It also features a McCauley propeller, an optional flight into known icing system, and the cockpit boasts touch-screen controls and dual 14.1 inch displays.

The new aircraft is one of six that Cessna plans to debut this year, including the Citation M2, Grand Caravan EX, and the New Citation Sovereign.