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540s - Continental Prime - Cylinders


IO540 Narrow Deck

C1B5, C1C5, C2C, C4B5, C4C5, D4A5, D4B5, N1A5 (Nickel Bore)

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Part Number: TISN10.1CA

Titan Cyl Complt Assy Ni Bore


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Cylinder Information

All Reciprocating Parts (Exception: Piston Pin & Rocker Arms)
Gasket Set (No Exhaust Gasket)
Piston (Installed)
Rings (Fitted & Installed)


Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice.

AEIO360 (B1B)
HO360 (A1A, B1A, B1B)
IO360 (B1A, B1B, B1C)
O360 (A1A, A1C, A1D, A2A, A2E, A3A, A3D, A4A, C1A, C1C, C1G, C2A, C2B, C2C, C2D)
IO540 (C1B5, C1C5, C2C, C4B5, C4B5D, C4C5, D4A5, D4B5, N1A5, N1A5D)
O540 (A1A, A1A5, A1B5, A1C5, A1D, A1D5, A2B, A3D5, A4A5, A4B5, A4C5, A4D5, D1A5, E1A, E4A5, E4C5, F1A5, F1B5, G1A5, G2A5)