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GO300 - Continental Motors - Cessna Engine Parts, Fuel Pumps, Alternators & Cylinders for Cessna

Continental Motors specializes in engineering and manufacture of aviation products. Continental piston engine leadership stretches from the A-70 radial engine to the engines for the Voyager aircraft, which successfully circled the globe without refueling. After more than 100 years and thousands of piston aircraft engines, the Continental name continues to stand for a proud continued rich tradition of excellence.

Air Power is proud to carry a full line of Continental aircraft products including cylinders, hoses, pistons and more. Browse our catalog of Continental Motors parts or start your search by entering a part number or keyword in the search box.

Lycoming Engines


Each part in you general aviation aircraft has to work properly and have the right specifications to make sure that your aircraft is safe. Your aircraft cylinders are integral parts of your engine that keep fluids flowing and help to create the power you need to stay airborne. If you do not have the right aircraft piston cylinder in your aircraft, then there could be problems.

We carry only the highest quality OEM parts and Cessna OEM parts for your general aviation aircraft. Air Power, Inc. understands the importance of quality aircraft cylinders and that is why we insist on carrying nothing but the very best in the industry.

Continental Motors Cylinders

Continental cylinders are regarded as some of the highest quality OEM parts in the industry. Continental Motors is renowned for its refurbished general aviation aircraft engines and a big part of the reason for that reputation is the Continental cylinders used in each engine.

We offer full kits for Continental Motors cylinders as part of our full line of Cessna OEM parts. Air Power, Inc. believes in and stands by the quality of Continental's cylinders and we are proud to be a distributor of these products.

Lycoming Cylinders

Lycoming is another quality OEM parts manufacturer that Air Power, Inc. is proud to represent. Lycoming built its reputation for quality on its aircraft engines and its parts. The Lycoming cylinders and cylinder kits that we sell will meet all of your specifications and keep your general aviation aircraft running safe.

Superior Air Parts Cylinders

No line of quality aircraft cylinders would be complete without the offerings from the line of Superior Air Parts cylinders. With the Millennium Cylinders, Superior Auto Parts has set a standard for quality that others will find difficult to match. By offering Superior cylinders, Air Power, Inc. is able to offer the most comprehensive line of quality cylinders in the general aviation industry.

Why Air Power, Inc.?

When it comes to buying the right aircraft cylinder for your general aviation aircraft, you need all of the expert advice you can get. The professionals at Air Power, Inc. are experts in the general aviation parts industry and can answer all of your questions.

Our associates are in constant contact with the engineers from all of our manufacturers and we are constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers. Air Power, Inc. has developed a reputation for being the most proactive parts distributor in the general aviation industry and we work hard every day to maintain that reputation.

You need aircraft cylinders that are lightweight, precision crafted, and durable. Air Power, Inc. has assembled the ultimate line of general aviation aircraft cylinders and we have the OEM aircraft parts that will help you to meet your needs.

Air Power, Inc. also works hard to offer the highest quality parts at the lowest possible prices. We do this as a service to our customers and as a way to help reduce the stress that can come with general aviation aircraft maintenance and repair.

We invite you to call one of our experts to talk about your general aviation aircraft cylinder needs. Air Power, Inc. has the parts you are looking for, the expert advice you need, and the prices that you want to pay.