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One of the respected manufacturers Air Power, Inc. has chosen to work with is Continental Motors, which is a company with a decades-long history in aeronautics. One of CMG's current aims is to provide the highest quality aircraft engine parts for the independent rebuilder. The company's Quality Management System is certified with the ISO 9001:2000 international standard, as well as the AS9100 aerospace standard.

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Many companies were founded at the dawn of World War II when the military required significant machinery to wage war in Europe and the Pacific. CMI - San Antonio, came to be in 1943 when it was founded as Pennington Channelcromium Co. The company would provide equipment to the Army, Air Force, and Navy during WWII.

Aircraft were used in military conflicts before the 1940s, but it was World War II when aviation became an essential part of modern warfare. Some of the most important battles occurred in the Pacific between the Japanese and American fleets with their incredible numbers of aircraft. The need for advanced airplanes by all sides in the war fueled significant advancement and invention.

Interestingly, the close of the Second World War made it difficult for some companies to survive because they weren't getting the same level of orders from the military. To avoid closure or bankruptcy, many companies entered a new era of research and development as a way to remain relevant in the post-war era. As the Cold War grew, many companies saw their fortunes reverse and enter a new period of prosperity.

CMI San Antonio Aircraft Parts

Air Power, Inc. is pleased to provide a vast array of CMI - San Antonio engine parts including cylinder assemblies for Continental, Lycoming, and other aircraft engines.

CMI San Antonio Cylinders

Cylinder assemblies offered through Air Power, Inc. include those for 320s, 360s, 470s, 520s, 540s, 550s, C75, C90, O200, 0300, C85, GO300, C125, and C145. Additionally, Air Power, Inc. can help you find the right CMI - San Antonio engine parts for your aircraft including gaskets, piston rings, crankcases, crankshafts, and camshafts.

ECI Cylinders

CMI San Antonio Aircraft Engine Parts

Also, we can also locate the right pistons, piston pins, rod bearings, rod bolts, and gears for your general aviation aircraft. You can quickly order the part you need if you already know the part number, and we can help you locate the appropriate CMI - San Antonio parts for your project when you call our helpful experts.

Gear Crankshaft ECI Part No. AEL19646ECI Part No. AEL10208 Piston 7.3:1 Compression Rati

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One of the reasons our customers come back time and time again is our commitment to ensuring the highest quality customer experience. We're aircraft owners, aviators, and aviation enthusiasts, and the trust we cultivate with our clients and the companies with which we work is one of our most important goals.

When you work with Air Power, Inc. for your aviation needs, you'll get to know a friendly, flexible, and fair sales team. Many companies today operate in an impersonal and distant manner where the only goal is to complete the sale and move on to the next transaction. That's not how we interact with our customers.

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We know your aircraft is unique and