About Us


Air Power Inc is an industry leader in the sale of factory engines and parts for general aviation. Over 35,000 factory engines sold worldwide.

Howard G Van Bortel established Air Power Inc in 1992. It is a privately owned general aviation company with 35 employees. Howard has 30 years of aviation experience as an aircraft owner, pilot, and entrepreneur, specializing in the sale of factory Aircraft engines, parts, and Cessna Aircraft.

George E Van Bortel, President and General Manager, has been with the company since its inception and the General Manager since November 1999. His skill in the marketing field was developed during his years as an independent automobile sales and marketing consultant in New York. His reputation in this area provided him an invitation to speak as a guest lecturer at Harvard University in 1985. He has over 20 years of experience in the aviation business, including sales manager for Van Bortel Aircraft, the world's largest Cessna dealer. He shares Air Powe Incr’s commitment to customer service and manages day to day operations.

  • Air Power Inc is centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Arlington Municipal Airport.
  • Air Powe Incr’s mission is to provide the highest quality aircraft products while being committed to the principles of integrity, respect, trust & the pursuit of excellence.
  • We really care about people: our customers, vendors & employees. Doing the right thing by them every day is what we are all about.
  • We trust people and we always have. When you trust people, people trust you. We would never break trust with anyone.
  • Air Power Inc is very easy to do business with. Doing what’s right, fair, and being flexible for our customers is part of our culture. We design all transactions to be win-win.
  • At Air Power Inc, we are always thinking of new ideas to get you, the customer, what you need or want. From financing to renting to trying it for free. We understand that every customer is a unique individual and so are their needs. We strive to accommodate those needs.