Factory Engines

General aviation enthusiasts rely heavily on the right aircraft parts and accessories to keep them in the air and safe. Air Power Inc. is a company run by general aviation experts and we can appreciate the importance of high quality general aviation engines. We make sure to go beyond dealing in good factory engines and move right into the highest quality piston aircraft engines you will find.

We have relationships with the most reputable aircraft engine OEM companies in the industry and we are constantly working with those OEM companies to get the information and products our customers need.

Continental Aerospace Technologies

Continental has spent decades developing a reputation for offering the highest quality new and rebuilt general aviation engines. Continental engineers have always been obsessed with providing the maximum amount of power packed into a reliable but lightweight aircraft engine. Even on their rebuilds, the Continental engineers make retrofits to deliver the highest possible quality.

Continental also offers a full line of aircraft pistons, barrels, and heads, to allow you to maintain your Continental general aviation engine properly. Continental has developed a reputation for staying ahead of the technology curve when it comes to general aviation aircraft engines and that is what has helped to keep the company at the top of the factory engine industry.

Lycoming Engines

From the moment you buy and install your Lycoming general aviation engine, you are taking the experience and support of the Lycoming engineers with you. The professionals at Lycoming take their success very personally and that is why they are always striving to make the best piston aircraft engines in the industry.

Lycoming is also able to develop an engine that fits your general aviation needs. One of the aspects of Lycoming that has made it so popular around the world is its versatility. The engineers at Lycoming Engines love to solve problems and make it their job to get all of their customers quality engines that fit the customers' specifications exactly.

Buying From Air Power Inc.

Air Power Inc. is proud to act as an agent for Lycoming Engines and Continental. At Air Power Inc., we do so much more than just sell you aircraft engines from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. Our engine sales team is in constant contact with the Lycoming and Continental engineers to make sure that we can answer your questions accurately and get you the high quality service you deserve.

Our engine sales team are experienced veterans in the general aviation industry and we know factory engines. When you call Air Power Inc., you can have peace of mind knowing that our crew will understand your issue and can work with you to solve your aircraft problems. In an industry that offers a lot of choices to general aviation customers, we settle for nothing less than the highest quality engines and parts. We understand the important nature of each and every component in your general aviation aircraft and that is why we offer nothing less than the very best in general aviation products.

We also understand that general aviation can get expensive, especially if you run into mechanical issues you never expected. That is why we work hard to keep our prices low and offer our customers the best value in the industry.

Pricing, quality service, and expert associates, are just three of the reasons that so many people buy their general aviation engines from Air Power, Inc. Give one of our experts a call today and find out how we can help you keep your aircraft safe and keep you in the air.

Continental Announces TBO Extensions

Air Power and Continental want to keep you in the air longer doing what you love, and save you money in the process. That’s why most Continental factory engine models made after February 2012 will now benefit from a TBO increase of up to 400 hours, saving you thousands of dollars. Don’t get grounded, give us a call today!


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