What is the lead time for engines?

The lead times for most engines generally run about 4-5 weeks, depending on the model.  Many engines are often in stock and available for immediate shipment.
What is included with an engine?

In addition to brand new cylinders, factory engines include magnetos, ignition harness, spark plugs, and carburetor or fuel injection system. Additionally, they often include an alternator, starter, fuel pump, turbocharger, controller, wastegate, exhaust system, and oil cooler, depending on the exact model engine. While the cylinders are always new, some accessories will be new and some will be rebuilt.
Will there be chargebacks on my engine core?

There are no additional charges added later for normal wear or normal repairs on your old engine, or for parts that are not serviceable, re-usable, etc. In other words, there are no "we didn’t know about that until we opened it up" surprises. If your core is operable (with genuine factory crankcase and crankshaft), active, assembled, and returned complete, ours is a guaranteed price, not a penny more!
Why should I buy a factory engine?

The factory (Lycoming or Continental) designed and built your engine. Any required product improvements will be incorporated during the overhaul process at no additional cost. Additionally, the current marketplace has determined that a genuine factory engine adds greatly to the value of an aircraft, which is not generally true of any other engine option. As industry leaders, Lycoming and Continental overhauls/rebuilds typically contain more new genuine Lycoming and Continental parts than any other overhaul. Genuine factory overhauls and rebuilds are flown with confidence all over the world.
Do I have to give you my engine in advance?

No, you do not have to send in your engine. Both Lycoming and Continental will build you an engine while you continue to fly with your old engine. You do not make the swap until you receive the new engine, allowing for precise scheduling of the engine change, minimizing your aircraft downtime.


How soon do “in stock” parts ship?

Standard ship 1-2 days. AOG orders ship same day and require the aircraft model and serial number.
Do cylinder kits include piston pins?

OEM Lycoming kits include the piston pin and plug assembly. For all others reference the component listing for the cylinder kit chosen on our website.
How much are freight costs?

Shipping charges are based on the size, weight, and method of shipment. All shipments are declared for the sale price of the part(s). Shipping charges are calculated, added to the subtotal of the order, and charged at the time the order is shipped.


How long is the warranty for parts and engines?

Warranties vary with each Manufacturer and condition (New, Rebuilt, Overhauled). All warranties can be found on our Warranty page.


How long does it take to get credit for my part core return?

Allow 6-8 weeks from the time the core is received at Air Power Inc.