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Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines

If you're seeking more performance and style during flight, look no further than the selection of Lycoming Thunderbolt engines at Air Power Inc. The Lycoming Thunderbolt is Lycoming's brand of high-performance, built-to-order engines designed for experimental aircraft. The handcrafted engine line is world-renowned for its unmatched capabilities, powering home builds, Red Bull Air Race planes and well-known aerobatic aircraft.

Air Power Inc. works directly with the folks at the Lycoming factory in Williamsport, PA, to ensure you get a genuine Lycoming Thunderbolt engine that is factory-built, factory-tested and factory-supported. With reliable power, performance and unrivaled craftsmanship, Lycoming Thunderbolt engines from Air Power Inc. deliver the power and speed you've always wanted.

In addition to our selection of Signature, Extreme and Competition Series Lycoming Thunderbolt engines, we also carry a wide range of Thunderbolt aircraft engine accessories to ramp up the performance even more. From fuel and ignition systems to performance enhancements and finishing options, Thunderbolt aircraft accessories allow any home builder or aerobatic pilot to achieve a build that accommodates their desired level of performance. Air Power Inc. is a global leader in aircraft parts and accessories – we provide genuine OEM equipment you can trust. Browse our entire selection of Lycoming Thunderbolt engines and accessories below.