Meet the Team



George Van Bortel
George has been the General Manager since its inception and President since 2001. His skill in the marketing field was developed during his years as an independent sales and marketing consultant in New York. His reputation in this area provided him an invitation to speak as a guest lecturer at Harvard University in 1985. He has over 20 years experience in the aviation business, including Vice President for Van Bortel Aircraft, the worlds largest Cessna dealer. He shares Air Power’s commitment to customer service, manages Air Power in its day to day operations and is always available to customers, vendors and team members.

Director, Sales & Operations

Michaelle Barnes
Michaelle directs Air Power Inc's Operations for both new sales and warranty. She has made sure things run smoothly for over 10 years. Additionally she has over 25 years in the customer service field, including several years as an entrepreneur. She brings that entrepreneurial spirit to Air Power Inc., having developed the warranty and parts system currently in use. She shares Air Power Inc’s commitment to customer service and has established a valuable team of employees driven to grow sales while providing top customer service.

Engine Sales

Joe Artiles
Engine Sales Manager
Joe has been with Air Power Inc for more than 5 years. He comes to us with over 25 years of experience in sales and customer service. Joe has been a licensed pilot since 1992. He has extensive knowledge of factory engines and their proper applications. He is committed to exceeding every customers expectations and is always on the lookout for another opportunity to create a "Raving Fan."
Charles Izquierdo
Aircraft Engine Sales
Charles joined Air Power in 2016. He was originally in our shipping department before he found his new home in our engine sales department. He brings his enthusiasm, ambition, and customer service skills with him. He is a valued member of the Air Power team.
Elly Moore
Aircraft Engine Sales
Elly is a 4th generation pilot who grew up around aviation. She is also a licensed skydiver who knows airplanes inside and out. Her passion and enthusiasm for aviation is what makes her a wonderful addition to the engine sales department, and we are extremely pleased to have Elly as a member of the Air Power team.

Parts Sales

Tony Dobbs
Aircraft Part Sales
Tony comes to Air Power with over 12 years of Aviation experience. He also brings extensive knowledge of Cessna Airframes, gained by years of working aircraft salvage. Tony definitely understands the importance of keeping costs low. He is excited to share his skills to help Air Power Inc's customers with their Aviation needs.
Ric Ferraro
Aircraft Part Sales
Ric Ferraro has over 34 years of experience in the aerospace / aviation industry, with 15 of those years at Air Power. Ric’s extensive aviation knowledge, experience, and customer service makes him a valuable member of the Air Power team.
Tony Rodriguez
Aircraft Parts Purchasing
Tony has over 14 years of experience in the general aviation field. He brings his complete knowledge of government, military, and Federal Aviation Authority standards. He also brings his excellence in customer service as well as his fluency in Spanish. We are extremely pleased to have Tony as a member of the Air Power team.
Mark Hines
Aircraft Parts Sales
Mark has over 20 years experience in aviation customer service and more than 12 years with Air Power, Inc. He has been a licensed pilot since 1995. He was awarded “Employee of the Year”in 2002 for his leadership and dedication. His knowledge of aircraft parts and his commitment to customer service has been instrumental to the current success of the Parts Sales Department.
Ken Rawls
Aircraft Parts Sales
Ken has over 20 years experience in customer service. Ken was in auto parts sales for 8 years before coming to general aviation. He has been with Air Power since 1998. He has a thorough knowledge of general aviation parts and he shares Air Power’s commitment to customer service. He is dedicated to the success of the company.


Natalie Porter
Natalie brings her experience of working at our sister company Van Bortel Aircraft's Shop Department to Air Power Inc's Warranty Department, giving her a unique perspective from both sides of the table. She understands what is vital to the company and her commitment is key to giving our customers the excellent service that is the core of Air Power Inc.