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Lycoming Aircraft Engines

Lycoming Engines specializes in engineering and manufacture of piston aircraft engines. Lycoming piston engines power more than half of the world's general aviation fleet - both rotary-wing and fixed-wing. After more than 80 years and 325,000 piston aircraft engines, the Lycoming name continues to stand for reliable, durable power. Air Power is proud to carry a full line of Lycoming aircraft products including cylinders, hoses, pistons and more. Browse our catalog of Lycoming parts or start your search by entering a part number or keyword in the search box.

How Lycoming Builds Aircraft Engines

Lycoming Aircraft Engine Parts

We often find that knowing the stories of the manufacturers we represent helps us to deliver better service to our customers. The story of Lycoming Engines is a very long and extraordinarily interesting one that includes sewing machines and a bit of mystery as well. What is not a mystery is the high level of success that Lycoming has achieved and its ranking as one of the most significant engine manufacturers in the general aviation world.

Lycoming Engines for Sale

The origin of Lycoming Engines is shrouded in a bit of mystery as historians cannot seem to agree on the actual date that the company was founded. The company's information says that it was started in 1845 as a manufacturer of sewing machines and bicycle parts. When the 20th century arrived, Lycoming switched to building automobile engines and it was not long before Lycoming Engines started building high quality general aviation aircraft engines.

After more than 160 years in business, Lycoming Engines has become one of the largest general aviation manufacturers in the world. It is estimated that nearly half of all fixed wing and rotary general aviation aircraft in the world are powered by a Lycoming engine. The company also offers a very comprehensive line of parts and accessories that meet all factory specifications.

Lycoming Aircraft Parts & Accessories

Air Power, Inc. is extremely proud to carry Lycoming pistons, hoses and other part and accessories. We pride ourselves on representing only the very best manufacturers in the general aviation industry and Lycoming's well-established reputation makes this company a partner that we value highly.

Lycoming continues to innovate the aircraft engine industry and its engineering shows up in everything from tractors to high-powered jets. Lycoming produces all of its quality products in Williamsport, PA and each part, accessory and engine is given individual attention to insure the highest possible quality.

Lycoming Aircraft Engines 85th Anniversary

The professional associates at Air Power, Inc. are proud to work closely with the engineers at Lycoming to develop the kind of comprehensive product knowledge that our customers expect. When you need a comprehensive solution using Lycoming parts, then our associates can walk you through the process and deliver the assistance you need.

Quality Aircraft Service & Competitive Prices

We are also proud to offer the most competitive pricing on Lycoming products in the general aviation industry. It is important to Air Power, Inc. that our customers not only get the quality parts and services they expect, but that our customers also enjoy the best value possible. We put a great deal of effort into making sure that you get your Lycoming Engines parts and accessories at prices