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McCauley has been designing and manufacturing high quality propellers for over 70 years. They have supported general aviation in 3 market segments including commercial aircraft, regional airlines and operators, corporate aviation and general aviation for OEM and kit aircraft.

At Air Power we are proud to carry a vast selection of McCauley aircraft propellers. Browse our catalog of McCauley propellers or start your search by entering a keyword or part number in the search box.


Your general aviation aircraft is not going very far without a propeller, but it is also important that you choose a propeller that will withstand all of the challenges that come with flying a small aircraft. Air Power, Inc. always looks to carry aircraft parts and accessories that will put our customers into safe and reliable aircraft. That is why we are proud to offer a full line of McCauley propeller systems.

McCauley has been innovating propeller engineering for decades and that includes finding propeller designs that would maximize fuel efficiency and give the pilot the ultimate control, even in bad weather. The mantra at McCauley is to utilize technology to give each general aviation aircraft safe and reliable control options and that is a mantra that Air Power, Inc. shares.

The engineers at McCauley have worked in a variety of genres including commercial aviation, corporate aviation, regional airlines and general aviation. When the aviation world needs the very best in propellers and propeller accessories, they look towards McCauley. That is why Air Power, Inc. is very proud to be a McCauley outlet to our customers all over the world.

Any general aviation enthusiast knows that not all propellers are created equal. The engineers at McCauley have established their reputation on the idea that each situation is different and the right propeller is the one that is designed to fit each aircraft's needs. Our professional associates are well-versed in the McCauley line of propellers and we will be more than happy to find the right McCauley propeller system to meet your needs.

Our customers have come to expect high quality products from name brand manufacturers at the best prices in the industry. Air Power, Inc. maintains its status as the most reliable supplier in the general aviation industry by making sure that our McCauley prices are always the most competitive in the marketplace. All of our McCauley fixed pitch, full feathering and constant speed propellers are offered to our customers at prices that fit any budget.

The McCauley line of propellers fits the Air Power, Inc. business model perfectly. These are the highest quality propeller products in the general aviation industry and they are backed by McCauley's product warranty. These are the types of quality products our customers expect from us and the types of products we are proud to represent. Our associates work very closely with the experts at McCauley to make sure that we are always able to give you the correct information to make your purchasing choice.

When you want a propeller system that will get you where you need to go and features state-of-the-art design elements, then you want McCauley products. Give our associates a call and we will walk you through the best way to choose the McCauley product that is right for your needs and make sure that you get a propeller that will never let you down.