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AVStar was formed in 1999 to overhaul Marvel Schebler/Precision/Volare type float carburetors and Bendix/Precision fuel injection systems and provides general aviation fuel systems. As a designer, manufacturer and overhauler of carburetors and fuel injection systems their products can meet your most demanding requirements.

At Air Power, Inc we are proud to carry a vast selection of AVStar carburetors. Browse our catalog of products or start your search by entering a specific part number or keyword in the search box.

AVStar Fuel Systems, Inc.

As a company that is constantly looking for ways to offer the best possible service to our customers, Air Power, Inc. is always evaluating the offerings of a variety of manufacturers. No matter which company we decide to work with, that company must be able to help us keep our promise of providing our customers with the highest quality solutions for the lowest possible price. It is never an easy process to decide which companies to work with, but it is part of who we are as a company.

AVStar stands out as a manufacturer that can offer our customers the very type of product selection they need for the best prices in the industry. Since it first opened its doors in 1999, AVStar has been recognized as an industry leader in overhauling and manufacturing general aviation aircraft fuel system parts and accessories. With its diverse offering, AVStar is able to allow us to offer everything our customers want at prices that are easy to afford.

Overhaul Carburetors-AVStar

As an overhauler, AVStar does high quality work on carburetors such as the Volare, Marvel Schebler and Precision float type carburetors, as well as overhauling complete fuel injection systems made by Bendix and Precision. AVStar has also been designing and manufacturing its own lines of carburetors and fuel injection systems as well, which only helps to expand the diversity of this industry leader. AVStar Carburetors Cessna

Our professional associates have taken the time and effort to become very familiar with how the various fuel systems offered by AVStar work. We understand the overhauling process AVStar uses and we are also intimately familiar with AVStar's own brands of fuel processing systems for general aviation aircraft. Air Power, Inc. and our customers benefit significantly from the attention that AVStar pays to its distributors and from the support the company offers.

How revered is AVStar in the general aviation industry? AVStar recently announced that is working with another Air Power, Inc. supplier, Lycoming Engines, to provide FAA-PMA products to a large segment of the general aviation world. When our vendors start working together on solutions, then our customers win and that is exactly the type of situation that we enjoy at Air Power, Inc.

Air Power, Inc. and AVStar Carburetors-Cessna Aircraft

Our experts work with AVStar professionals on a regular basis to make certain our customer base all over the world has the proper solutions for their general aviation fuel system needs. Each part of your aircraft is critical, but it could be a disaster if the fuel stopped flowing at any point in your flight. That is why we partner with AVStar to be able to offer you the highest quality aviation fuel systems in the world.

Give our experts a call and let us explain how the different types of AVStar solutions can benefit your business. Whether you are looking for an overhauled carburetor or an AVStar original fuel injection system, Air Power, Inc. has the know-how and the experience n