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Air Power is excited to be the newest distributor in 20 years for Cleveland Wheels & Brakes. For over 75 years Cleveland Wheel & Brake has been a recognized leader in the manufacture of aircraft wheel and brake systems for the general aviation, business aviation and turboprop aircraft industries. Cleveland Wheels & Brakes provides OEM parts for over 70 Aircraft Manufacturers, including Cessna single engine aircraft, Cessna jets and more.

Aircraft Wheel & Brakes in Cleveland

The concept of general aviation is growing in popularity around the world and that means more people are flying than ever before. General aviation refers to any kind of aircraft that is not military or commercial. At Air Power Inc., we take your safety very seriously and if more people are going to take to the air, then we feel it is our responsibility to make sure that they get to where they are going safe and sound.

As part of our commitment to offering excellent products and giving the best possible service, we are a proud distributor of the quality products from Cleveland Wheels and Brakes. These days, Cleveland manufacturers its products under the Aircraft Wheels and Brakes name as a division of Parker Hannifin. But the pride and quality that established Cleveland Wheels and Brakes as a premier small aircraft parts manufacturer is as strong as ever.

Aircraft Wheel & Aircraft Brake Parts

At Air Power Inc., we are well aware of our responsibility as a distributor of general aviation parts and accessories. That is why we are proud to offer Cleveland products, which are backed by more than 75 years of success in the general aviation industry. We also use our own high level of customer service to make sure that you get the right Cleveland part for your general aviation needs.

As a testament to their quality, Cleveland is a trusted OEM manufacturer for over 70 brand names in the general aviation marketplace. One of the names on Cleveland's list of satisfied OEM clients is Cessna, which the industry has come to know and trust. These types of manufacturers do not trust their reputation to just any manufacturer, which is why they all turn to Cleveland.

Airplane Wheel & Aircraft Conversion Kits

Cleveland has established itself as a top manufacturer of general aviation wheels and brake systems for private aircraft, corporate jets and even the turbo prop aviation industry. If it flies in the general aviation world, then it probably relies on a Cleveland system for a safe landing.

Air Power Inc. has been entrusted by Cleveland as one of the first distributors the company has taken on in almost two decades. We are proud of that achievement, but we also do not take for granted the quality service, commitment to the best pricing in the industry and the overall high level of industry knowledge that brought us this honor in the first place.

A Trusted Aircraft Wheel & Brake Distributor

It is time for you to see why an iconic general aviation manufacturer like Cleveland Wheels and Brakes would trust Air Power Inc. to sell its products. Give us a call and let one of our highly trained and knowledgeable associates guide you through the process of choosing the Cleveland product that fits your needs. Let us show you why so many general aviation enthusiasts are choosing the Air Power Inc. experience for all of their general aviation parts and accessories needs. Contact us today and learn more about your aircraft parts in Cleveland.