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Kelly Aerospace - Kelly Aerospace, Cessna Fuel Pumps, Magnetos, Carburetors for Cessnas

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Kelly Aerospace Power Systems have been overhauling aircraft engine parts and accessories for over 20 years including:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Magnetos
  • Carburetors
  • Harnesses

Air Power also offers overhauled Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems Magnetos including Dual Magnetos for most Continental Engines.

Air Power Inc. is now offering Kelly Aerospace Ignition Kits with Champion Spark Plugs that allows you to save even more money.

Kelly Aerospace Ignition Kits

Kelly Aerospace & Cessna Aircraft Engine Parts

We believe that a diverse product offering is the sign of a strong company. Air Power, Inc. offers the very best in name brand manufacturers for general aviation aircraft parts and accessories because we want our customers to have the very best. But we also pride ourselves on being the parts and accessories supplier that allows you to maintain your general aviation aircraft within your budget. It is never easy to give our customers the low-cost options they need with quality products, but companies like Kelly Aerospace offer solutions that help us to help you in a much more economical way.

Kelly Aerospace Magnetos & Aircraft Parts

Kelly Aerospace is a very diverse aviation company that offers high quality products under its own name, as well as overhauled products that allow you to get the parts and accessories you need at low prices. Kelly manufacturers energy and thermal systems for general aviation aircraft and overhauls carburetors, fuel pumps and fuel injection systems. Air Power, Inc. is proud to carry the fuel pumps, magnetos, carburetors and harnesses manufactured and overhauled by the experts at Kelly Aerospace.

Over the years, the experts at Air Power, Inc. have learned that the right solution for our customers is a combination of offerings from a variety of quality vendors. Kelly Aerospace has been manufacturing magnetos and harnesses for years and offering their products at prices that fit every budget. The fuel injectors and carburetors overhauled by the experts at Kelly will help you to stretch your maintenance budget while still getting the quality parts and accessories that you need.

Quality Aircraft Engine Parts & More

Air Power, Inc. takes pride in our reputation for offering quality products and services to our clients and we work directly with all of our vendors to insure the highest quality offerings. For more than two decades, Kelly Aerospace has been the recognized general aviation leader in providing the highest quality overhauled fuel injectors and carburetors. We are proud to mix our reputation with Kelly's quality to get you the parts and accessories necessary for you to retain your investment in your aircraft.

Along with the cost-effective overhaul products Kelly offers through Air Power, Inc., our customers can also enjoy the quality of Kelly Aerospace's aircraft ignition kits. Your aircraft is not getting off the ground without a quality ignition and we believe strongly in the quality of the kits from Kelly.

Cost Effective Aircraft Engine Parts

The process of saving money with quality Kelly products starts with a call to one of our professional associates. Our experts are on hand to explain all of the options that Air Power, Inc. has from Kelly Aerospace and we will make sure that you get the product you need to perform the proper maintenance on your aircraft. We offer the very best personalized service in the industry and we are prepared to use our comprehensive knowledge on our vast line of Kelly products to help you solve your repair issues and get your aircraft back into the big, blue sky.