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Marvel-Schebler - Marvel-Schebler, Rebuilt and Overhauled Aircraft Carburetors

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Maintenance of your aircraft may include work on the carburetor, and if you're looking for a reliable replacement, the obvious choice for a new aircraft carburetor is Marvel-Schebler. As a pioneer in the industry and one of the longest-surviving manufacturers of aircraft supplies, Marvel-Schebler engine accessories are available from Air Power, Inc.

About Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors

The earliest days of the company that would become Marvel-Schebler began more than a hundred years ago at the turn of the 20th century. A partnership between an automobile parts designer and an engineer resulted in a successful but small company that made carburetors for automobiles from 1911 all the way to 1951.

According to the company's official website:

"We are committed to providing carburetors that have been manufactured or serviced to the highest quality standard. Every carburetor receives a dynamic fuel delivery analysis from its idle setting to full throttle operation as defined by OEM engine manufacturers."

This commitment to excellence and high-quality matches to dedication to finding quality parts of the sales team at Air Power, Inc.

Aircraft Carburetor Parts

Marvel Schebler works with new, factory rebuilt, and overhauled carburetors, and the company's replacement parts are designed to keep the machinery in your aircraft's engine working smoothly. Over the years, the company has focused on providing a high-quality product while also ensuring that aircraft owners and operators can take care of their airplanes in an efficient and economically sound manner.

Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Engine Parts & Accessories

Air Power, Inc. offers many carburetor assemblies by Marvel-Schebler including new, rebuilt, or overhauled (O/H) equipment. We can help with your decision to purchase a new or rebuilt Marvel Schebler carburetor; our knowledgeable sales team includes veteran pilots and people who have worked in aviation for decades.

New, Rebuilt, and Overhauled Aircraft Carburetors

A new carburetor contains all new Marvel Schebler carburetor parts while an overhauled carburetor has been disassembled and put back together with serviceable parts. A Marvel Schebler carburetor rebuild features disassembled machinery that's been put back together with parts that match the quality of new parts. The parts in a rebuilt Marvel Schebler carb have been tested to ensure they meet the standards required of a new carburetor.

Did You Know? Buying a Marvel Schebler carburetor assembly through Air Power, Inc. allows you to take advantage of significant savings on the cost.

Air Power, Inc: Finding the Best in Aviation

Modifying, maintaining, and fixing aircraft isn't like heading to your local auto parts store and tossing one of the oil filters into your cart. An airplane that's maintained with parts from respected companies will last longer and spend less time "in the shop."

At Air Power, Inc., we supply products from companies with impressive pedigree, but we also continue to do our research on new and emerging technologies. For our long-time customers, it's not a surprise that we'd choose to work with a manufacturer like Marvel Schebler since they have been making aircraft carburetor parts for decades upon decades.

If you're a veteran pilot with thousands of hours in the air, you may already know what parts you need, but we pride ourselves on providing expert advice to the novice, as well as to pilots with decades of experience. Get in touch with Air Power, Inc. today to discuss your new, rebuilt, or overhauled carburetor.