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One of the hardiest systems on an airplane is the fuel injection system, and they're built for longevity and reliability. However, maintenance and upkeep of the engine and the fuel injection system is a necessary part of aircraft ownership. Air Power, Inc. offers Precision Airmotive fuel injectors, which are an OEM part for RSA fuel injection systems.

Precision Airmotive Parts

Our dedication to finding the most reliable and respected companies with which to do business shows in our decision to offer Precision Airmotive parts. Read on to learn more about maintenance and replacement of your aircraft's fuel system with Precision Airmotive equipment.

RSA Fuel Injection Systems

Precision Airmotive is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of RSA fuel injection systems. Precision Airmotive parts are available in new, rebuilt, and overhauled versions, which means aircraft owners have many choices when buying a Precision Airmotive RSA fuel injection system.

According to the company:

"Innovation, quality, and demonstrated reliability position Precision Airmotive for success in the twenty-first century in general aviation."

The company operated out of Marysville, Washington for several years, but recently made a move to Arlington Airfield in Arlington, Washington.

Of its history, the company shares that it's spent decades working on ways to meet and exceed the expectations of customers. The company's most important goals include "innovation, quality, and demonstrated reliability."

Precision Airmotive Airframe Parts

In addition to its popular multi and single point fuel injection systems, Precision Airmotive also offers materials for experimental aircraft including the Silver Hawk EX and the Eagle EMS. Beyond RSA Fuel Injection Systems, Air Power, Inc. can also acquire a flow divider, nozzle kits, or fuel servos for your aircraft.

One of the reasons it's important to maintain the fuel system in an aircraft is because of the importance of cooling the engine during operation. Failure due to excessive heat is a common factor in seized engines, and a malfunctioning fuel injector can harm the engine. Something as simple as failing to ensure the nozzle assembly is clear or forgetting to clear the screen on the intake can reduce fuel distribution and eventually cause injector failure.

Air Power, Inc.: The Industry's Best Prices & Warranties

One of the best reasons to work with Air Power, Inc. when purchasing your aircraft replacement parts is because of our firsthand knowledge of aircraft and aviation. Our dedication to providing customers with an excellent experience has led us to cultivate impressive warranties, as well as offer aviation equipment at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

We've spent decades building relationships with some of the biggest names in aviation, and our partnerships have allowed us to offer products at significant savings. We're distributors for companies like Precision Airmotive and Cleveland Wheels & Brakes because we're experts in aviation, as well as in superior customer service with our clients.

Aviation manufacturers trust that we'll represent them well as a distributor, and we pass that confidence, respect, and savings onto our customers. Our dedication to superior customer service also means you have access to some of the best warranties in the industry, which means you can fly with confidence with a Precision Airmotive RSA fuel injection system.