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Sky-Tec's focus is to offer customers the best value, best performing lightweight starters for piston engine powered aircraft. Sky-Tec starters offer both light weight and high torque. Sky-Tec starters use significant gear reduction methods, producing a vast increase in available torque. Sky-Tec starters are engineered to exceed engine TBO lifetimes and withstand the toughest operating environments.

SkyTec Flyweight Starters

When it comes to the very best general aviation aircraft parts and accessories, it is the attention to detail that makes all of the difference in the world. We understand the importance of having access to aircraft parts that are durable, reliable and lightweight. That is why we carry the Sky-Tec line of aircraft starters. Sky-Tec is the expert at offering starters that are durable enough to do the job, but remain light enough to enhance fuel efficiency and safety for your aircraft.

Sky-Tec has established its reputation with high-torque and reliable starters for all types of general aviation aircraft. The Flyweight line of starters includes FAA-PMA certified solenoids and the Sky-Tec self-resetting Kickback Protection System. These are starters with the perfect rate of spin and the perfect weight balance for the general aviation enthusiast who is rightfully obsessed about the performance of the starters they use.

Air Power, Inc. - A SkyTec Distributor

Air Power, Inc has been a proud distributor of Sky-Tec Flyweight starters and accessories for years and we carry these products because of Sky-Tec's relentless pursuit of engineering perfection. The engineers at Sky-Tec are constantly getting information from their customers to develop products that meet every customer need and expectation. Doing business with a company like Sky-Tec makes our job of providing superior customer service much easier.

We understand that pricing and availability can sometimes push general aviation enthusiasts to settle for inferior products. For example, it may seem easier and less expensive to pick up a starter solenoid from the local tractor supply store than to hunt one down that was built specifically for your aircraft.

Aircraft Starter Solenoids

That is why Air Power, Inc. makes it so easy for our customers to get the parts they need, including aircraft starter solenoids from Sky-Tec. When you call one of our expert associates, you will get someone who is knowledgeable on what you need and can give you the kind of information you are looking for. Our Sky-Tec product pricing and availability is the very best in the industry and we can get your product to you fast. 

Air Power, Inc. customers no longer have to settle for product that was not designed for their aircraft to solve their maintenance and repair issues. Thanks to the high quality and reasonable pricing of the Sky-Tec Flyweight starter line at Air Power, Inc., general aviation enthusiasts can now get the products they need at prices that are well withing their budget.

Light Aircraft & Cessna Starters From SkyTec

Sky-Tec designed the original High-Torque starters for Lycoming engines, as well as other innovative solutions for the general aviation industry. When you need a starter system or starter parts for your aircraft, you do not have to settle for inferior product. Instead, give the associates at Air Power, Inc. a call and we will walk you through the fast and easy process of getting a Sky-Tec starter for your aircraft. It is our job to make sure that our customers get the quality products they need at prices they can afford and we take that job very seriously.

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