Air Power, Inc. – An Approved Distributor for Skytronics General Aviation Products

Skytronics, Inc., a leading component manufacturer and FAA Repair Station for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft, announced changes today to its general aviation (GA) distribution channel, which is responsible for selling its popular Aero-Lite ignition harnesses, Jasco alternators and regulators, as well as Skyflex conduit.

Skytronics, which has been in business since 1956, reduced the number of distributors for its GA products to improve efficiency. Air Power, Inc. is proud to announce they will continue to be one of the approved distributors for the Skytronics Aero-Lite products.

"Over the years, Aero-Lite, Jasco and Skyflex have become top-selling brands in the GA aftermarket," said Brad Duschak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Skytronics. "With the support of these highly-qualified distributors, I am confident that Skytronics will achieve even greater success in the future."

About Skytronics, Inc.:
Established in 1956, Skytronics is a leading manufacturer of General Aviation aircraft ignition harnesses, alternator conversion kits and neoprene covered conduit used on most radial engine applications with repair/overhaul capabilities. Skytronics offers Aero-Lite Ignition Leads and Harnesses, Jasco Alternators, Conversion Kits and Regulators and Skyflex Conduit. Skytronics sells its General Aviation products exclusively through distributors. Please contact the distributors directly to purchase Aero-Lite, Jasco or Skyflex products in factory new condition.

For any requirements you may have for our company’s product line, please direct your inquiries to Air Power, Inc.

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