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Leading Benefits of Using AVBLEND Oil Additive on Your Aircraft

Throughout the years, oil additives have become commonplace as a chemical compound that improves the performance of base oil products. While there are many options on the market for oil additives, at Air Power, Inc. we are proud to offer our clients the best product available for their engine maintenance services.


Let’s take a look at why AVBLEND Oil Additive is our personal choice for premier aircraft performance and how your clients can benefit from your maintenance shop’s supply of this product.


AVBLEND Restores Peak Combustion Performance


The last thing a pilot wants is an aging engine to burn oil and damage the combustion chamber. Oil additives, especially AVBLEND, have the potential to not only reduce the amount of oil burned by an older engine but also restore peak combustion performance by stopping leaky piston rings and restoring a tight seal that keeps an engine flowing smoothly.

This improved combustion performance stems from the micro-lubrication provided by AVBLEND, which allows the product to lubricate deeply and safely into the metals that keep engines running. As the additive reduces engine friction, it regulates temperature within the engine, improves fuel economy, and reduces engine wear (as you’ll see below).


Overall Engine Wear Reduction


Every pilot wants their aircraft’s engine to perform as long and as efficiently as possible. With AVBLEND oil additives on an engine’s side, this is definitely a possibility. Using AVBLEND oil additives helps prevent devastating wear and tear that can occur through engine startup alone.

As a premier oil additive product, AVBLEND contains the micro-lubrication to prevent common and expensive engine problems that include:

  • Dry-Start Damage
  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Carbon and Deposit Build-Up
  • Valve Sticking
  • Guide Wear
  • Total Engine Failure

When examined as a product that prevents devastating engine damage, it’s clear that AVBLEND offers operational cost-savings that are invaluable to any aircraft owner. Although initially, using AVBLEND in an oil change adds on an extra cost, we guarantee that it is much more cost-effective than a total engine replacement or aircraft replacement in the case of engine failure.


AVBLEND Provides Greater Security for Pilots


AVBLEND’s ability to reduce wear not only saves pilots money but has in the past, saved pilots’ lives. One prime example of the power behind AVBLEND was seen in 2009 when stunt pilot Sean D. Tucker experienced an oil line rupture. Thanks to his dedication to using two bottles of AVBLEND with each oil change, his engine was able to run for 6 minutes with zero oil pressure after the failure.

Once Tucker safely landed his aircraft, it was found that the deep metal penetration provided by AVBLEND kept the engine in pristine condition and allowed for the pilot’s successful landing.


Secure Oil Additive That Assists in All Stages of an Engine’s Life Through Air Power, Inc.


If you’re the owner of an aircraft repair business and are ready to provide your customers with the best additives, aircraft parts, and engines on the market, Air Power, Inc. is ready to be your go-to source.

We are one of the nation's most recognized suppliers of aircraft and engine parts and products. Trust us to provide you with quick, efficient deliveries that all start with our updated online ordering system.


Contact us today to learn more about our services or simply explore our online shop to find and order the parts you need for 2022!

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