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Alcor Precision Parts

Alcor Precision Parts


Alcor is the world leader in temperature probes and instruments. Additional product lines include TCP fuel treatment and Alcal 2000+ test equipment! Alcor is an affiliate of Tempest Aero Group® and stands alone as the world leader in EGT, CHT and TIT thermocouples. Preferred by the most well-known original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) of both aircraft and engine monitors, Alcor’s reputation for innovation and high-quality products is unmatched. Alcor probes are manufactured using only top-grade materials which allows for the smallest element tips for the fastest response time. Shop Alcor probes and instruments at Air Power, Inc. below! 

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28113 Alcor WELD BOSS

Part Number: 28113

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28202 Cessna Aircraft Parts & Accessories ADAPTER

Part Number: 28202

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38091 Alcor HARDWARE KIT

Part Number: 38091

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Part Number: 38094

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Part Number: 38095

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Part Number: 42523

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Part Number: 42527

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42528 Alcor EGT LEADS TYPE K 216 IN

Part Number: 42528

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42537 Alcor EGT LEADS TYPE K 240 IN

Part Number: 42537

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42543 Alcor CHT LEADS TYPE J 216 IN 8 OHM

Part Number: 42543

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46000-14 Alcor TIT/TIT DUAL INDICATOR, 3 1/8" TYPE K, 42 FT. LEAD

Part Number: 46000-14

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46150 Alcor EGT Type K Dual Meter 2-1/4"

Part Number: 46150

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46151 Alcor CHT TYPE J METER

Part Number: 46151

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46164 Alcor EGT INDICATOR 2 1/4" TYPE K, 1650 RED LINE

Part Number: 46164

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70354 GASKET

Part Number: 70354

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Alcor Precision Parts Available at Air Power Inc.

Since 1957, Alcor Precision Parts has stood as the foremost global authority in the development of exhaust gas temperature (EGT), cylinder head temperature (CHT) and turbine inlet temperature (TIT) sensors. Renowned by prominent original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the aircraft and engine monitoring sectors, Alcor is unparalleled in its commitment to the innovation and production of top-tier products.

That's why Air Power Inc. is proud to offer general aviation pilots and mechanics the entire Alcor aircraft parts line of products for the best prices in the industry. Whether you're an owner aiming to enhance your engine monitoring system's thermocouples or an OEM needing a ground-up design, Alcor aircraft parts from Air Power Inc. are your solution.

Make Air Power Inc. Your Alcor Parts Supplier

If you need Alcor parts, look to Air Power Inc. for the best prices in the industry. Thanks to our strong relationship with Alcor Precision Parts, we can provide all our customers with these essential components straight from their San Antonio factory floor. That means while the quality of your Alcor aircraft parts stays high, our prices can stay low. Let us be your trusted partner today.

The Alcor Precision Parts You Need In One Place

From top-rated EGT, TIT and CHT thermocouples to leads and accessories, Air Power Inc. has the Alcor Precision Parts products you need in stock and ready to ship to your hangar. Our full line of Alcor aircraft parts includes:

  • Alcor Thermocouples: Temperature sensors vital for monitoring engine and exhaust gas temperatures in aircraft engines. They ensure safe flight by providing accurate temperature data for engine performance evaluation.
  • Alcor Probes: Specialized sensors for measuring factors such as oil temperature and fuel pressure in aircraft systems. Real-time data from these probes contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations.
  • Alcor Leads: Essential cables that connect sensors and instruments, facilitating reliable data transmission. These connections are crucial for accurate readings and effective communication within the aircraft's monitoring systems.
  • Alcor Accessories: Mounting hardware, connectors and adapters for proper installation. These components ensure seamless integration into an aircraft's systems for optimal performance.
  • Alcor Instruments: Gauges and indicators that display engine parameters like oil pressure, fuel flow and cylinder temperatures.

Talk to Our Expert Team for Help

Having trouble finding the right Alcor precision aircraft parts for your make and model? Our dedicated airframe specialists are here to help. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we know the ins and outs of general aviation like the back of our hands. Reach out any time for assistance.

Learn More About Alcor

Alcor Precision Parts products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure you receive the best quality parts possible. If you want to learn more about how Alcor parts are manufactured, check out this short video.


Alcor - Handcrafted Aviation Temperature Probes from All Pro Media on Vimeo.

Frequently Asked Questions: Alcor Precision Aircraft Parts

If you still have questions or would like to learn more about Weldon aircraft fuel pumps, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.


What Airframes Are Alcor Parts Compatible With?

Alcor parts are compatible with nearly all engine monitors, from classic analog instrumentation to the most up-to-date glass panel systems. Thanks to their blanket Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), their probes can be installed in any aircraft with a reciprocating engine.

How Accurate Are Alcor Aircraft Parts?

Alcor places a strong emphasis on accuracy and reliability. Their temperature sensors and instruments are designed to provide precise readings critical for engine monitoring and safety.

Do Alcor Precision Aircraft Parts Require Regular Calibration or Maintenance?

Some Alcor precision aircraft parts, like temperature sensors, require periodic calibration to maintain accuracy. Consult the product documentation or Alcor's guidelines for recommended maintenance schedules.

Shop Alcor Precision Parts at Air Power Inc. Today

Discover the reliability and precision of Alcor Precision Parts today by choosing Air Power Inc. as your trusted supplier. With a proven track record of delivering top-notch aviation components, Air Power Inc. ensures you'll receive genuine Alcor products backed by expert support. Elevate your aircraft's performance and safety by equipping it with Alcor's trusted instruments, sensors and systems today.