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The Skybolt® SK2003 Series cowling mounts replace the OEM Cessna®/Lord® J7444 Series mounts with full FAA-PMA and FAA TSO-C148 approvals. The SK2003 mount is now the preferred mount for the world’s largest flight school and is featured on all Yingling zero-time Ascend 172 airplanes. Skybolt® generation IV mounts have evolved as the flight school proven best ever mount on the market for strength and lasting durability. Skybolt®’s exclusive 100% stress test inspection insures that each and every mount will go the distance without transferring unwanted stress to the airframe components or firewall.

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SK2003-14A Skybolt Cowling Mount PMA for J7444-14

Part Number: SK2003-14A

144 in stock - New

Skybolt Cowling Mount PMA for J7444-14 // Replaces J7444-14 Southco 82 Fastener 67-On C150, 67-86 C172, C172XP, 68-78 C177

SK2003-24A Skybolt Cowing Mount PMA for J7444-24

Part Number: SK2003-24A

50 in stock - New

Skybolt PMA replacement for Lord J7444-24 // Replaces J7444-24 CLoc® 27S3 Fastener 73-86 C182

SK2003-42A Skybolt Cowling Mount PMA for J7444-42

Part Number: SK2003-42A

221 in stock - New

Skybolt Cowling Mount PMA for Lord J7444-42 // Replaces J7444-36/42 Cloc® 40S5S Fastener C172 R/S, Skybolt SK203 STCd Conversions


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