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Core Return Policy

Part Core Policy - Scroll Down for Engine Core Returns

Each manufacturer offers its own, unique core return policy. Unless prior authorization from Air Power is received, all cores must be of like part numbers and must be in repairable condition. We are unable to accept unrepairable cores.

You do not need to contact Air Power for an RMA number. Your Invoice or Order numbers can serve as an RMA. Please place a copy of your invoice, order confirmation or packing slip in the box with your core. It is also helpful to write one of these numbers on the box. All Cores must be received within 90 days of the original purchase date.

Please return cores to:

Air Power, Inc.
ATTN: CORE RETURN - (Invoice or Order #)
4900 S. Collins St
Arlington, TX 76018

Cores must be complete and cannot be disassembled. Units that are corroded or cannot be overhauled for any reason will be classified as scrap. The customer will be responsible for all fees assessed by the manufacturer for substandard or unlike cores. These fees will be assessed immediately after receiving notification of charge back from a manufacturer, along with an explanation of charges provided by Air Power. The customer will need to remit payment for charge backs at that time. At no time will the fees exceed the stated core value.

Shipping Charges

To expedite processing, once the core return is shipped it is recommended that you email us the Core invoice/order number and shipment tracking numbers. Core refunds will be processed after inspection by the original manufacturer and manufacturer credit is received by Air Power.


Engine Core Policy

As an authorized distributor for Continental Aerospace Technologies (CAT) and Lycoming Engines, Air Power Inc. utilizes the respective engine manufacturer's core policy.  Air Power’s policy on core conditions will mirror the manufacturers.  Deviations from this policy must be approved in advance and in writing. If there is any doubt about a core's adherence to the below policy, please communicate clearly with Air Power as we will work to achieve the highest available credit amount from the factory.

Core Return Dates

  • Customers within the United States (Domestic) – 90 Days after Factory Invoice.
  • Customers outside of the United States (International) – 120 Days after Factory Invoice.
  • Engine cores received after these dates may be refused by the factory and returned to the sender, freight collect.

Core Condition

  • Core returns must be active, assembled, complete, running, and repairable condition with genuine OEM crankcase and crankshaft. Engines that are incomplete or which are found to be inoperable may be returned to the customer, freight collect, and no credit will be issued. Cores must be returned with a valid data plate. All engine cores must include the logbook.
  • No core can be returned that has been disassembled in any respect or that has any parts removed or replaced other than “in-service” parts replacement without prior written approval.
  • Factories will not be responsible for non-engine accessories returned on the exchange engine.
  • Exchange engines must be the same model configuration as the engine model ordered unless prior written authorization is obtained. Note that unlike core fees may apply.

Continental Aerospace Technologies (CAT) Specific Requirements

  • Returned cores must be sent directly to CAT and be identified with Distributor’s Name (Air Power), Returned Good Authorization (RGA) number, engine core invoice number, and must include the logbook entry for the aircraft from which the engine is removed.
  • In the case of an engine core returned to CAT that is determined to be missing parts, CAT may at its sole discretion accept the engine core and reduce the applicable engine core credit by the list price in effect for any missing part(s) at the time of engine core receipt.
  • Any core returned to CAT that is worn or damaged beyond economical repair shall be subject to reduced engine core credit or rejection.

Lycoming Specific Requirements

  • For Lycoming Engines ordered on an exchange basis, cores must be returned. If a core is not returned, you will be charged for the price up to a new, outright purchase engine and forefit any loyalty discounts received. This makes not returning a core extremely expensive.
  • All Engine Cores being returned to Lycoming must have the Core Engine Model, serial number, pre-authorized RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number, and the Selling Distributor name (Air Power) clearly displayed on the exterior of the shipping container.
  • Each exchange engine must be accompanied by a completed Factory Return Authorization Worksheet (Form 2500) or a packing slip with the same information, a factory-authorized RMA number and the engine logbook indicating the total engine time. The Factory authorized RMA number will be supplied by the core administrator upon submission of the Form 2500, provided the information indicates that an acceptable core is being returned.
  • Engine must be complete with genuine Lycoming crankcase and crankshaft.
  • Engines that have experienced a major failure are not subject to exchange credit.  Lycoming Engines will determine the extent of the failure and the eligibility for core credit.

Contact Air Power for additional questions about core returns, our experts will help you get the answers that you need.