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Shop Lycoming 540 engine series from Air Power Inc. – Lycoming's largest engine distributor 2011. Lycoming's 540 series of six-cylinder engines are powerful, durable and dependable. Capable of producing 235 to 360 HP at up to 2,700 RPM, these direct drive, horizontally opposed, air-cooled engines are the go-to for many general aviation aircraft pilots. As Lycoming's largest engine distributor, we know we have a Lycoming 540 for sale to fit your specific aircraft model. With a selection that includes five series builds, we carry Lycoming 540 engines like the ENPL-RT10416 IO-540-G1D5 and IO-540-K1A5 Engine for Piper PA-32-300 at some of the best prices in the industry. Browse our entire catalog of Lycoming 540 engines for sale below.

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HENPL-1F9660 TIO-540-AH1A with EIS

Part Number: HENPL-1F9660

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ENPL-RT10573 Lycoming New IO-540-D4B5 Engine for ALAMO AEROSPACE LP STC

Part Number: ENPL-RT10573

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ENPL-RT10416 IO-540-G1D5

Part Number: ENPL-RT10416

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ENPL-RT9816 Lycoming New IO-540-J4A5 Engine for PIPER PA-23-250

Part Number: ENPL-RT9816

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ENPL-RT9962 Lycoming New IO-540-J4A5 Engine for PIPER PA-23-250

Part Number: ENPL-RT9962

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ENPL-RT8679 Lycoming New IO-540-K1A5 Engine for PIPER PA-32-300

Part Number: ENPL-RT8679

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