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Warranty Disclaimer

Air Power, Inc. is a United States-based parts distribution company headquartered at the Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington, TX. Air Power offers a full line of FAA-certificated parts from many large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We provide these parts to aircraft owners, fleets, flight schools and repair stations worldwide. Air Power does not manufacturer, engineer, or repair aviation parts, thus we do not require any special authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other international organizations.

Parts are only sourced through approved manufacturers and distributors. Parts are never purchased through non-approved sources. Each item is inspected to the best of our ability as it arrives to ensure proper condition and items with defects or suspected unapproved parts are immediately quarantined and rejected from the receiving process.

Air Power makes no warranty as to the condition of parts. As an authorized distributor, original equipment manufacturer warranties are in place at the time of sale. The conditions of each warranty are determined by the OEM. Copies of each manufacturer’s warranty can be obtained from Air Power. In many cases, Air Power representatives can help process warranty claims on your behalf. Please contact the Air Power warranty department with any questions.

Since Air Power has no opportunity to supervise the manufacture, installation, or maintenance of the parts, nor any opportunity to participate in the design or manufacturer of the aircraft in which sold parts are utilized, the purchase by placing an order and accepting said merchandise from Air Power agrees that the use of said parts is at the purchaser’s own risk and Purchaser will indemnify and hold Air Power, it’s owners and employees, free and harmless from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from claims brought by any reason of any alleged failure or defect of any part supplied by Air Power.