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Aircraft Gauges

Look to Air Power Inc. for the best aircraft gauges in the industry. Your instrument panel provides you with the necessary data to ensure every flight is safe – it's no wonder airplane gauges are such critical components. Our replacement gauges for aircraft come straight from the manufacturers you know and trust, so you can be sure you're getting a high-quality aircraft gauge at excellent prices. We even carry tool gauges for immediate, accurate measurement when performing maintenance on your aircraft. Browse our entire selection of gauges for your airplane today. We have amazing products like 2D2519-1, Aircraft Gauges, C668511-0103EX Cessna Gauges, the PWC66159 Kell Strom Tool Gauge and more. 

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Aircraft Gauges: The Lifeline of General Aviation

Aircraft gauges are indispensable equipment for general aviation pilots. Each gauge in an airplane's cockpit serves a unique and crucial function, from the altimeter to the airspeed indicator. Airplane gauges provide pilots with real-time data, enabling them to make informed decisions during every phase of flight. Understanding the altitude, speed, engine health, fuel levels and more, pilots rely heavily on aircraft instruments for safe navigation and operation. That's why Air Power Inc. is proud to carry a massive inventory of aircraft gauges for sale.


Our selection of aircraft instruments is here to fit your needs. Each instrument in our collection is a testament to quality and reliability sourced from the industry's most trusted manufacturers. Whether for a routine check or a complete instrument panel overhaul, the aircraft instruments for sale at Air Power offer unparalleled accuracy and durability. Browse our selection today and see how our aircraft gauges can elevate your flying experience.

Your Trusted Source for Reliable Airplane Gauges

Air Power Inc. is a leading direct distributor in the aviation industry, offering a comprehensive range of aircraft gauges of all types, including ultralight aircraft instruments.


Catering to general aviation aircraft, our reputation is built on providing an exceptional selection that meets the diverse needs of pilots and aircraft owners. By forging close relationships with top manufacturers, we ensure that every product we offer carries the highest quality and performance standards. This collaborative approach allows us to present the best quality at the best prices, making Air Power Inc. the go-to source for your aircraft instruments.

Need Expert Assistance? We've Got You Covered

Navigating the selection of the right aircraft gauges can seem challenging, but at Air Power Inc., you're never alone. Our expert team, boasting over 100 years of combined experience in the aviation industry, is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect airplane gauges for your make and model. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or new to aviation, our knowledgeable staff understands the nuances of various aircraft types and can guide you to the most suitable options.


We pride ourselves on providing personalized service, ensuring every customer receives the attention and expertise to make informed decisions about their aircraft instruments. With Air Power Inc., you have a partner in aviation who is committed to your success.

The Aircraft Gauges You Need for Safe Flights

Air Power Inc.'s selection of aircraft gauges for sale is comprehensive, catering to various aviation needs. Some of the most common and essential types of aircraft instruments we offer include:


  • Airspeed Indicator (ASI): This instrument measures the aircraft's speed through the air by calculating dynamic pressure, which is the difference between ambient atmospheric pressure and pressurized ram air​​.
  • Altimeter: Vital for determining the aircraft's altitude above sea level, the altimeter works by interpreting air pressure readings relative to sea level​​.
  • Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI): This gauge helps pilots monitor their rate of climb or descent and maintain level flight by comparing changing static air pressure levels​​.
  • Attitude Indicator (AI): Also known as the artificial horizon, this instrument provides pitch and roll measurements, helping pilots maintain their orientation relative to the horizon​​.
  • Heading Indicator (HI): Essential for determining the aircraft's direction, this gyroscopic instrument helps pilots maintain their intended course.
  • Turn Coordinator (TC): This instrument aids pilots in executing balanced turns and recognizing skids or slips during flight​​.


Air Power Inc. is committed to providing pilots and mechanics the best for their aircraft, from basic ultralight aircraft instruments to more complex monitoring systems. Whether flying a light sport aircraft or a more advanced model, you'll find the right ultralight instruments to ensure a safe and efficient flying experience.

Learn More About the Functions of Airplane Gauges

Need some more information about how airplane gauges do their jobs in the sky? Check out this quick video explaining the six basic aircraft gauges found in every cockpit.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or want to learn more about the aircraft instruments for sale at Air Power, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Are Aircraft Gauges?

Aircraft gauges are instruments in the cockpit that provide pilots with critical information about the aircraft's flight conditions, including speed, altitude, direction and engine performance.

Can Aircraft Gauges Fail, and What Should a Pilot Do if They Do?

Yes, aircraft gauges can fail. Pilots are trained to recognize instrument failures and can often rely on backup systems or other instruments to maintain safe flight operations.

How Often Should Aircraft Gauges Be Serviced or Replaced?

The servicing or replacement of aircraft gauges depends on various factors, including gauge type, usage and manufacturer's recommendations. Regular inspections by qualified technicians are important for ensuring their reliability and accuracy.


Shop Aircraft Gauges at Air Power Inc. Today! 

Ready to elevate your flying experience with top-notch aircraft gauges? Look no further than Air Power Inc.! Our extensive collection of high-quality aircraft gauges for sale is curated to meet the diverse needs of general aviation pilots. From essential altimeters to advanced attitude indicators, we've got it all. Trust in our expertise and century-plus experience in aviation to guide you to the perfect instruments for your aircraft. Don't compromise on safety and performance – choose Air Power Inc. for reliable, precision gauges at incredible prices.

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