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Choose AeroForce - your aircraft will thank you. Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) continues to expand their product lines, with new and rebuilt turbochargers, controllers, and more!  These turbochargers offer advanced product design, simulation and component testing, and new-generation manufacturing. When you choose AeroForce, you are choosing the best! 

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100107-0000S AeroForce BOLT

Part Number: 100107-0000S

On Backorder - New


101685-0000S AeroForce WASHER

Part Number: 101685-0000S

On Backorder - New


400132-0301S 5/16-18 AeroForce HEX

Part Number: 400132-0301S

On Backorder - New


400132-0303S AeroForce BOLT 5/16-18

Part Number: 400132-0303S

On Backorder - New


400154-0177S AeroForce SCREW

Part Number: 400154-0177S

On Backorder - New


400231-0002S AeroForce PLUG

Part Number: 400231-0002S

On Backorder - New


400231-0006S AeroForce PLUG

Part Number: 400231-0006S

On Backorder - New


400231-0008S AeroForce PLUG

Part Number: 400231-0008S

On Backorder - New


400299-0109S AeroForce BOLT 10-32 HEX

Part Number: 400299-0109S

On Backorder - New


400383-0177S AeroForce SCREW 10-24

Part Number: 400383-0177S

On Backorder - New


400383-0178S AeroForce SCREW 10-24

Part Number: 400383-0178S

On Backorder - New


400383-0220S AeroForce SCREW 1/4-20

Part Number: 400383-0220S

On Backorder - New


400448-0001S AeroForce BOLT 3/8-16 HEX

Part Number: 400448-0001S

On Backorder - New


400448-0002S AeroForce BOLT 3/8-16 HEX

Part Number: 400448-0002S

On Backorder - New


400520-0003S AeroForce SCREW SET 10-32

Part Number: 400520-0003S

On Backorder - New




This video offers great tips and provides advice for how to conduct a bearing check on an AeroForce turbocharger. Hartzell Engine Tech settles for no less than the best, and their brand AeroForce is nothing but that! We carry your favorite products at Air Power, Inc. Remember to register a free account today to start saving, and call us to see if you qualify for special discounts (that's you, flight schools!) Be sure to check our website frequently for updates and promotions!


Some frequently asked questions about AeroForce turbochargers.

  • Q: What are the requirements when installing a turbocharger? A: First, all work should be accomplished IAW the applicable engine and/or aircraft maintenance manual.
  • Q: Why is my new turbocharger leaking oil? A: 400 series turbochargers do not incorporate seals in the center housing where the oil is located. They do incorporate small piston rings on the shaft that, along with the gas pressures pushing in, help prevent the oil from coming out. Until there is a varnish built up on the shaft and housing, a new turbocharger will leak oil. This oil seepage may last up to 10 hours but typically is gone within a couple hours of run time. Once the turbo is installed and pre-lubed, run the engine at normal operation to help “seat” the piston rings and build up the protective coat of varnish.
  • Q: Why should I pre-oil my turbocharger after a new installation? A: Pre-oiling should be accomplished at installation or any time the turbocharger oil system is disassembled for any reason. Pre-oiling insures there will be adequate oil flow at the turbocharger bearings to support the shaft load at initial start-up. Just like a crank or camshaft bearing, we do not want to “start” the turbocharger with dry bearings. Once a turbocharger bearing is compromised due to lack of lubrication, turbocharger life will be diminished. Pre-oiling instructions can be found under the turbocharger Installation Instructions on the website.
  • Q: Can I changed the position of the housings on a new turbocharger? A: Yes, the compressor and exhaust housings are factory set at a pre-determined position, many times for shipping purposes. The housings can be re-aligned at installation to fit the engine installation. The alignment procedure can be found under the turbocharger Installation Instructions on the website.


This video explain why it's important to allow your turbocharger to cool off to prolong its longevity!


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