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Aircraft Batteries

When you need high-quality replacement aircraft batteries at unbeatable prices, look to Air Power Inc. A properly installed airplane battery is essential for any flight, as pilots rely on them to ensure their electrical emergency systems and electronic components are functional at all times. Our aircraft battery selection includes sealed acid, dry cell and lead acid aircraft batteries (like the RG24-11M Concorde Battery) from top-rated manufacturers to ensure you can always find what you need for your specific aircraft. Shop Gill aircraft batteries and Concorde aircraft batteries for sale to power your flights below. We offer free ground shipping on all batteries for aircraft in the Continental United States. 

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RG-380E/60L Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 48 AH

Part Number: RG-380E/60L

On Backorder - New


RG-380E/44K Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 42 AH

Part Number: RG-380E/44K

14 in stock - New


RG-121-1 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 VOLT 2 AH

Part Number: RG-121-1

On Backorder - New


HC128QT3 Gill Battery ACID 3 QT

Part Number: HC128QT3

31 in stock - New


RG-25XC Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 12 V 24 AH

Part Number: RG-25XC

Out of stock


RG24-12 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 11 AH

Part Number: RG24-12

2 in stock - New

Currently not available for purchase.

Aircraft Batteries You Can Trust to Power Your Flights

From ground and emergency power to engine and APU starting, aircraft batteries are essential to any piston-powered airplane. In some cases, pilots can even use batteries for aircraft to restart engines in the rare case of a flame-out. That's why when searching for your new aircraft battery, you need to choose a distributor you can trust to get you the best. At Air Power Inc., we carry lead acid, sealed acid and dry cell aircraft batteries suited for your requirements – each optimized for power, energy and integration. We source from some of the world's best airplane battery manufacturers. Browse our entire selection today.

Find OEM Aircraft Batteries Built for Energy at Air Power Inc.

Over time, all aircraft batteries eventually lose their ability to perform and need to be scrapped. Make Air Power Inc. your supplier of choice when you find yourself in the market for a new aircraft battery. Air Power Inc. is your No. 1 source for airplane batteries with the power capabilities you need at the price you want. Our selection of lead acid, sealed acid and dry cell batteries for aircraft can help maintain your electrical functionality for future flights.

Our Expert Airplane Battery Specialists Are Here to Help

The qualified team at Air Power Inc. has over 100 years of combined experience in the aviation industry and can help you find the airplane battery you need with unmatched service, quality and assurance. No matter what fixed-wing, piston-powered aircraft you fly, we have the expertise to get you the highest quality aircraft batteries for your needs.

We Carry OEM Airplane Batteries From the Manufacturers You Know & Trust

At Air Power Inc., we work closely with aircraft part manufacturers to ensure you get genuine OEM airplane batteries and parts directly from the source.

  • Concorde: With over 44 years in business, Concorde aircraft batteries have been powering airplanes worldwide. Through rigid quality requirements, Concorde has remained a trusted supplier of general aviation and military aircraft batteries with superior starting and essential power capabilities.
  • Gill: Since 1920, Gill aircraft batteries have been well-known and respected in the aviation industry. Pioneering a number of airplane battery innovations, Gill is the choice for many airframe manufacturers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Batteries for Aircraft

If you need some more information about batteries for aircraft before you buy, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Are There Aircraft Battery Maintenance Procedures I Should Adhere To?

You must adhere to certain aircraft battery maintenance procedures to ensure they don't lose functionality before their time is up. An aircraft battery should always be kept clean and free of dirt and corrosion at all times. Batteries for aircraft should also always be watered with distilled water after charging, unless the plates are exposed before charging.

What Is the Most Common Aircraft Battery Voltage Rating?

A common aircraft battery voltage rating is 24 V. At Air Power Inc., many of our aircraft batteries for sale fall under this rating. However, we also carry aircraft batteries with voltage ratings of 12 V.

How Long Will It Take My Aircraft Battery to Ship?

We can provide same-day shipping of all in-stock aircraft batteries for sale if your order is placed before 3 pm Central (US) time. Delivery dates depend on the shipping carrier.

When You Need Aircraft Batteries, Look to Air Power Inc.

Air Power Inc. provides general aviation pilots and mechanics with trusted OEM airplane batteries, engines and other parts when they need them the most. If your aircraft battery has lost its functionality, you know who to turn to for help – Air Power Inc. Shop our entire selection of Gill and Concorde aircraft batteries for sale today.

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