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Cessna 172

Carefully curated by Air Power, these Cessna 172 parts kits are a direct response to our customers who are looking for an easier way to plan & order parts for their scheduled maintenance activities. Is a kit not in stock? Call us at 800-247-7693 and we'll build it quickly!

Do you have a need for a Parts Kit that Air Power does not supply, please contact our Business Development Manager, Diane Ford, HERE!

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100 Hour Kit - Cessna 172L-M w/AVBLEND

Part Number: 100HR172L-M w/AVBLEND

Out of stock

Air Power pre-packaged kit. Perfect for flight schools & fleets.

C172RSL2AINSTALL Air Power Inc C172R/S Engine Insallation Kit

Part Number: C172RSL2AINSTALL

On Backorder - New

Assembled by the Factory Engine Specialists at Air Power, this kit includes common items replaced during an engine overhaul or replacement.