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Since 1980, Sky-Tec has supplied general aviation pilots and mechanics with starters and starter parts to keep their engines spinning faster year after year. For the lowest prices on the market, you'll find Sky-Tec full starter assemblies and parts at Air Power, Inc.! Browse our entire selection of Sky-Tec starters and parts like 55292 Sky-Tec Starter Adapters, 149-12LS Sky-Tec Starters and 149-NL Sky-Tec Aircraft Starters.

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149-12HT-H2 Sky-Tec Starter Assy - LH Solenoid - 12V, 149 Tooth PMA'd

Part Number: 149-12HT-H2

On Backorder - New


149-24HT-H4 Sky-Tec Starter Assy - LH Solenoid - 24V, 149 Tooth PMA'd

Part Number: 149-24HT-H4

On Backorder - New


149NLR Sky-Tec Starter Assy - 149-NLR Counter Rotating, 24V 149 Tooth

Part Number: 149NLR

5 in stock - New



Part Number: 149NLR/EC

16 in stock - New


2060-HET Sky-Tec Starter Assy - Overhauled 24V - Replaces CMG 637847, 646275

Part Number: 2060-HET

On Backorder - Overhauled


2061-HET Sky-Tec Starter Assy - Overhauled 12V - Replaces CMG 634592

Part Number: 2061-HET

On Backorder - Overhauled


2438-HET Sky-Tec 646238-2R Starter Assy - Overhauled 12V, Direct Drive

Part Number: 2438-HET

On Backorder - Overhauled

Popular alternate for 646238-2R

653171-HET Sky-Tec Seal-StarterShaft-SkyTec 55174S

Part Number: 653171-HET

On Backorder - New


72437-HET Sky-Tec Starter Assy 24V, Direct Drive - Replaces 646275-1

Part Number: 72437-HET

1 in stock - New


72438 Sky-Tec Starter Assy 12V, Direct Drive - Replaces CMG 646238-2 Energizer

Part Number: 72438-HET

On Backorder - New


122-12HT Sky-Tec Starter Assy - LH Solenoid - 12V, 122 Tooth - Replaces Lycoming 31A22112

Part Number: 122-12HT

2 in stock - New


122-12LS Sky-Tec Starter Assy - LH Solenoid - 12V, 122 Tooth - Replaces Lycoming 31A22106

Part Number: 122-12LS

1 in stock - New


122-12PM Sky-Tec Starter Assy - RH Solenoid - 12V, 122 Tooth - Replaces Lycoming 31A22102

Part Number: 122-12PM

2 in stock - New


122-12XLT Sky-Tec Starter Assy - LH Solenoid - 12V, 122 Tooth

Part Number: 122-12XLT

3 in stock - New


122-24HT Sky-Tec Starter Assy - LH Solenoid - 24V, 122 Tooth - Replaces Lycoming 31B22113

Part Number: 122-24HT

1 in stock - New





Air Power, Inc. Has a Sky-Tec Starter for Your Unique Mission

Whether you're flying with Lycoming, Continental® or another engine manufacturer, Air Power Inc. has a Sky-Tec starter and starter parts for your piston-powered aircraft. Sky-Tec aircraft starters have been industry-leading products for more than 40 years, giving general aviation pilots and mechanics the confidence to fly the high skies safely. We carry Sky-Tec starter parts and assemblies to maintain that confidence when you need it the most. We have top-rated products like the ERZ-8012, ERB-8011 and C12ST2/S available for the lowest prices on the market. It's simple; you won't find better deals than at Air Power, Inc. Shop Sky-Tec aircraft starters today.

Make Air Power, Inc. Your Dedicated Sky-Tec Starter Supplier

If you're looking for a new or factory-rebuilt Sky-Tec starter (or a Sky-Tec starter overhaul), look no further than Air Power Inc. With a simple ordering system and easy-to-navigate menu, we make it easy to find the right Sky-Tec starter parts and assemblies to be shipped straight to your door. And, because we work directly with a Sky-Tec starter factory, we keep our prices low and the quality of our products high.

Talk Directly to One of Our Sky-Tec Starter Experts for Help

The in-house team at Air Power, Inc. has been in this business for decades. With over 100 years of combined experience and a passion for delivering excellent customer service, we'll work diligently to ensure you get the right Sky-Tec starter for your unique flying needs. If you require some assistance, please contact our team at any time.

Find the Sky-Tec Aircraft Starter and Starter Parts for Your Engine

At Air Power, Inc., you'll find a wide range of Sky-Tec aircraft starters for multiple types of engines. With all the new and factory-rebuilt Sky-Tec starters available on Air Power Inc., you're sure to find the product you need in stock and ready to ship. We also carry a variety of Sky-Tec starter adapters specific to Continental® 300, 346, 360, 470, 520 and 550 engines. Sky-Tec aircraft starters are available in the following configurations:

  • Continental®: Powerlite Series, PM Series, Energizer Style, ST2, ST4, ST5 and ST2/S Sky-Tec Aircraft Starters
  • Lycoming: E-Drive, NL, XLT, PM/LS and HT Sky-Tec Aircraft Starters
  • Experimental Applications: Rotax High-Torque Sky-Tec Starter

Sky-Tec Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about Sky-Tec starters, we have the answers to help. Check out the answers to our most frequently asked Sky-Tec starter questions below.

What Is a Sky-Tec Starter Application Chart?

The Sky-Tec starter application chart is a resource that offers in-depth product information, including recommended replacement parts by aircraft manufacturers, model and part number.

Will You Include Sky-Tec Starter Installation Instructions With My Purchase?

Yes! Your Sky-Tec starter installation instructions will be included when you receive your shipment.

What Are My Sky-Tec Starter Dimensions?

Sky-Tec starter dimensions vary depending on the type.

Shop Sky-Tec Starters and Starter Parts at Air Power, Inc. Today

If you're ready to get your engine started, Air Power Inc. and Sky-Tec aircraft starters are ready to help. Don't settle for high prices and slow delivery from the other guys – browse our entire selection of Sky-Tec starters and starter parts at Air Power Inc. today. If you still have questions, contact us. We're always here to help!

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