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If you need to replace your burnt-out airplane lights, look to Air Power Inc. for the best in the industry. We offer a full selection of aviation lighting solutions to meet any pilot's needs for safer, more reliable night flights. From landing and taxi aircraft lights to navigation and strobe, Air Power Inc. has the right lights for your aircraft to fit your needs. We work closely with top-rated aviation lighting manufacturers to ensure our products are of the highest quality without a high price tag. Browse our entire selection of aircraft lights for sale today.

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Keep Your Aircraft Illuminated With Airplane Lights From Air Power Inc.

If you're the pilot, you know that night flights come with one major rule – once you're cleared for takeoff, your airplane lights need to be illuminated. From sunset to sunrise, aircraft lights are one of your biggest necessities, so it's essential to ensure they operate to their full capacity. That's why Air Power Inc. supplies general aviation pilots with innovative, smart aviation lighting solutions, ready to illuminate your aircraft in the sky. We work closely with top-rated manufacturers like Whelen and Cessna to supply customers with the best-performing airplane lights in the industry for a fair, affordable price. We carry everything from aircraft landing lights to aircraft position lights to keep you safe every time you take off. Browse our entire selection of aircraft lights today.

Air Power Inc. Is Dedicated to Providing Quality Aircraft Lights to Every Customer

Air Power Inc. is your number-one destination for the best in the industry when you need factory standard OEM airplane lights. With simple and fast ordering, we make it easy to pick out the interior and exterior aircraft lights you need shipped directly to your doorstep. Because we work closely with OEM manufacturers who provide the world's aircraft with lighting solutions, we ensure our aviation lighting's quality stays high while the costs remain low. Choose aircraft LED lighting solutions from Air Power Inc. today. The aircraft lights for sale in our inventory are robust and lightweight, with increased longevity and reliability to reduce maintenance and operating costs for the rest of your aircraft's life.

Our Team of Trained Specialists Can Help You Find the Right Lights for Your Aircraft

Lights for aircraft can be complicated to shop for without proper research. But our team of dedicated aviation lighting specialists are always here to help. With over 100 years of combined experience in the aviation industry, we know more than a thing or two about airplane lights. If you need assistance finding the right lights for your make and model, or would like to talk shop and find the right style for your flying needs; give us a call any time. We're more than happy to help you every step of the way.

We Have Aircraft Lights for Sale to Suit Your Unique Needs

When you purchase airplane lights from Air Power Inc., you get the products you want for the lighting solutions you need. Aircraft lights perform many necessary functions throughout an aircraft, so you must cover your bases from top to bottom. Whether you're looking to improve your visibility to other pilots in the sky or an improved beam spread to enhance your overall runway visibility, we have the aviation lighting solution for you. Our stock of airplane lights includes:

  • Wing Navigation Position Lights
  • Boom Beam HID Lights
  • Landing/Taxi Lights
  • Interior Cockpit Lights
  • Strobe Lights
  • And More!

Frequently Asked Questions: Airplane Lights

How Bright Are Airplane Lights for Landing and Taxiing?

Landing and taxi airplane lights are incredibly bright, often around 600 watts. For context, automotive headlights are usually only around 65 watts. These aircraft lights are often so bright that pilots and maintenance crews must take special precautions when using or testing them, especially at night, as they can cause severe eye damage.

What Are the Lights On an Airplane Used For?

Lights for aircraft perform several different functions, depending on where they are located. Landing and taxi lights increase visibility during landing, taxi and takeoff.

Red and green wing navigation and position aircraft lights increase an aircraft's visibility to other pilots in the sky to minimize the risk of collision and signal to air traffic controllers on the ground.

Strobe airplane lights are located on the back points of most general aviation aircraft and signal that an aircraft is approaching or entering an active runway at night.

How Can I Pay for the Aircraft Lights for Sale in Your Shop?

The aircraft lights for sale at Air Power Inc. can be purchased with a credit/debit card, PayPal, cash on delivery, checks (for orders not made via the web), wire transfer or automated clearing house (ACH).

Keep Your Night Flights Safe With Airplane Lights From Air Power Inc.

Airplane lights are standard for general aviation aircraft – every pilot needs them to ensure safe flights once the sun goes down. If you want the best aviation lighting solutions in the industry for an affordable price, Air Power Inc. has you covered. With top-rated products from trusted manufacturers that inspire confidence in the dark skies, Air Power Inc. is your one-stop shop for aircraft lights of all types. Browse the entire selection above, today. If you need help choosing the best airplane lights for your aircraft, feel free to contact us any time for more assistance.

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