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Precision Airmotive

Precision Airmotive┬« stands proudly as a world leader in the manufacturing of fuel controls for general aviation. Providing fuel injection systems for certified and experimental aircraft, Precision Airmotive is leading the way in general aviation. 

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117900-F precision airmotive WASHER

Part Number: 117900-F

On Backorder - New


118869-F precision airmotive UNION TUBE

Part Number: 118869-F

On Backorder - New


132906-F precision airmotive PLUG HEX

Part Number: 132906-F

16 in stock - New


133176-F precision airmotive PLUG

Part Number: 133176-F

On Backorder - New


137108-F precision airmotive FITTING

Part Number: 137108-F

On Backorder - New


177718-F Precision Airmotive WASHER SPRING

Part Number: 177718-F

45 in stock - New


185751-F precision airmotive NUT

Part Number: 185751-F

On Backorder - New


186739-F precision airmotive SCREW SELF TAPPING

Part Number: 186739-F

On Backorder - New


187313-F precision airmotive NUT ELASTIC STOP

Part Number: 187313-F

On Backorder - New


188465-F precision airmotive FITTING ELBOW

Part Number: 188465-F

On Backorder - New


192819-F precision airmotive PIN

Part Number: 192819-F

On Backorder - New


196774-F precision airmotive PLUG

Part Number: 196774-F

On Backorder - New


198900-F precision airmotive WASHER

Part Number: 198900-F

On Backorder - New


199596-F precision airmotive WASHER FLAT

Part Number: 199596-F

27 in stock - New


2520308-F precision airmotive BUSHING

Part Number: 2520308-F

On Backorder - New