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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question About Ordering Aircraft Engines or Aircraft Engine Parts From Air Power?

I want to order an engine. What information does Air Power need?

Many engines require model specific questions that your Sales Reprentative will ask you. We don't always rely on your existing engine to make a decision, as it is not uncommon for the wrong specification to be installed in your aircraft. We want to get it right, so we will double check. Don't worry if you don't have the answers, we will be here to help you through the process! Here are some of the questions you may be asked:

  • What is the existing core model and serial number?
  • What is the make, model, year and serial number of your aircraft?
  • Are you 12V or 24V?
  • Where do you want the engine shipped?
  • Are you currently AOG?
  • Do you have impulse coupling or retard breaker mags? Pressurized or non-pressurized?
  • Do you have a spin on oil filter or screen? Which would you prefer?
  • Do you have air conditioning?
  • Is your current engine installed under a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)?

Some Lycoming specific questions:

  • Would you like electronic ignition?
  • Do you have a G1000?
  • What type starter ring gear do you have - Chrysler or Prestolite? 

Some Continental specific questions:

  • Is your oil cooler mounted on the engine or remotely?
  • Do you have the Continetal Oil Cooler Part Number? Click HERE for help identifying your oil cooler.
  • What amperage is your engine driven alternator?
  • Electrical or Mechanical Tach Drive?
  • Standard or Altitude Compensating Fuel Pump?
  • What position is the engine mounted in?

What is Your Core Return Policy?

Air Power mirrors both Lycoming & Continental's core policy. Click on our Core Policy page to view it in detail. A general rule of thumb is that if the engine coudl be put on a test stand and started, you will receive full core credit. Chargebacks are very unlikely. 

I don't have a Core to Return. How can I place an order?

First, we can work with you. Some customers think that if they have a damaged core, they cannot return it. This is not true. Often times, Air Power can leverage our strong relationship with Continental & Lycoming to issue a core waiver. There may be a reduced core value, but at least you can return it.

If you truly do not have a core to return, or want to keep your core, that's easy. There are some differences betweent Continental and Lycoming:

Continental - You will have to pay the full core value up front. For example, if the engine cost $50,000 and the core value is $15,000, your total will be $65,000.

Lycoming - You must return a core for all rebuilt or overhauled engine orders. If you do not have a core to return, AIr Power can sell you a new engine at an outright price. 

How Long Does it Take to Get my Engine?

Air Power works hard to order and stock many popular models. Even if we do not have an engine complete, ready for immediate shipment, we have likely already placed an order which means lead times will be shorter than other distributors. Air Power is the only stocking distributor for Lycoming & Continental engines. With that, all lead times are quoted at the time of order and are estimated. The demand for factory engines is quite high, and Air Power will do our best to provide an accurate quote from the Factory, but actual lead times are out of control. We will, however, reguarly check with the factory and provide you any updates as soon as we receive them.

What Methods of Payment Does Air Power Accept?

AIr Power provides genuine Continental & Lycoming engines at the lowest possible price. Because of this, we ask for Wire Transfer, Check or ACH only. Credit cards are not accepted towards the purchase of an engine order. Of course, you are welcome to deliver cash in person at Air Power!

How Does Air Power Ship My Engine?

Air Power primarily uses FedEx LTL Freight for domestic shipments. YRC handles most of our Canadian, Hawaiian and Alaska shipments. We utilize FedEx Air for many international orders. Our freight rates are strong and Air Power always works to get the best quote!