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Concorde Batteries

Concorde Batteries: The Heart of Your Aircraft


Concorde Batteries: The Performance and Power You Expect From an Industry Leader

Experience the power of Concorde batteries with Air Power Inc. Known for their superior performance and reliability, Concorde aviation batteries are a vital investment for any aircraft owner. They deliver consistent, high-powered performance with advanced technology designed to withstand rigorous aviation conditions. Trust Air Power Inc., a leading provider of aviation products, to have the Concorde aircraft batteries for sale that you need. Choose Concorde and Air Power Inc. for unparalleled energy solutions — shop our extensive Concorde battery selection today.

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Concorde RG24-15M Lead Acid Battery 24V 13.6 AH

Part Number: RG24-15M

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Currently not available for purchase.

Concorde RG24-16 Lead Acid Battery 24 V 13.6 AH

Part Number: RG24-16

4 in stock - New

Currently not available for purchase.

RG-121-1 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 VOLT 2 AH

Part Number: RG-121-1

On Backorder - New


RG1215 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 12 V 15 AH

Part Number: RG1215

On Backorder - New


RG24-10 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 8.5 AH

Part Number: RG24-10

Out of stock

Currently not available for purchase.

RG24-11 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 11 AH

Part Number: RG24-11

4 in stock - New


RG24-11M Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 11 AH

Part Number: RG24-11M

Out of stock

Currently not available for purchase.

RG24-12 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 11 AH

Part Number: RG24-12

1 in stock - New

Currently not available for purchase.

RG24-15 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 13.6 AH

Part Number: RG24-15

Out of stock


RG24-20 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 24 V 19 AH

Part Number: RG24-20

Out of stock


RG-25 Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 12 V 22 AH

Part Number: RG-25

Out of stock


RG-25XC Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 12 V 24 AH

Part Number: RG-25XC

Out of stock


RG350 Concorde Battery BATTERY

Part Number: RG350

On Backorder - New


RG-35A Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 12 V 29 AH

Part Number: RG-35A

Out of stock


RG-35AXC Concorde Battery LEAD ACID BATTERY 12 V 33 AH

Part Number: RG-35AXC

Out of stock

Currently inventory restricted. Please contact our Parts Team at 800-247-7693 for more information.

Your Concorde Battery Choice

Whether you want a Concorde lead acid battery or a standard model, our selection includes 12-volt and 24-volt options to meet your needs.Whichever you choose, you know you're getting the best the industry offers. Our selection includes:

FAQS and Information About Concorde Batteries

As the leading global supplier of aircraft engines, parts and accessories, Air Power Inc. is well-situated to answer your questions about Concorde batteries. Review the Concorde aviation battery information below to learn more, and be sure to contact us for additional details.

How to Charge a Concorde Aircraft Battery

Concorde's RG Series batteries feature a self-discharge rate of just 2-3% per month at room temperature. The company recommends maintenance charging a Concorde aircraft battery only if your aircraft:

  • Flies short legs that don't allow the battery to recharge fully
  • Logs only a few flight hours per month
  • Has a parasitic load when the master power switch is off

You should periodically boost-charge the battery per the component maintenance manual or use an approved maintenance charger.

How Long to Charge a Concorde Battery

Concorde does not recommend 24/7 charging when using a maintenance charger. A weekly or monthly charge for 24-48 hours is normally sufficient.

Where Is a Concorde Battery's Serial Number ?

You can usually find a Concorde battery's serial number on the sticker underneath the bar code.

The Case for Lead Acid Batteries

Aviation professionals around the globe prize the Concorde lead acid battery for its superior reliability, longevity, and power output. Designed with rigorous aerospace standards in mind, the batteries deliver dependable performance even under the most demanding conditions. With Concorde, professionals know they are investing in a battery synonymous with quality and trust in the aviation industry.


Air Power Inc. takes pride in distributing Concorde aviation batteries, a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. We value Concorde's dedication to innovation and reliability, mirroring our own standards in aviation solutions. Watch the video for more information on the Concorde lead acid battery.

Concorde Batteries Backed by a Dedication to Service

We understand that superior customer service is the cornerstone of a great business relationship. Our team of aviation experts are not just salespeople; they are knowledgeable advisors dedicated to providing in-depth information and personalized recommendations for your aircraft requirements.


Whether you're seeking advice on Concorde batteries, Lycoming engines, or Cessna parts, our staff is well-equipped with a deep understanding of our complete inventory and its applications. We prioritize open, clear communication, promptly addressing your Concorde aviation battery questions and ensuring you have all the information needed to make informed decisions.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale, as we provide after-sales support to ensure your purchased products meet and exceed your expectations. With Air Power Inc., you're not just a customer — you're part of our aviation community.

Order Concorde Batteries From Air Power Inc. Now

Don't compromise on the performance and reliability of your aircraft. Choose Concorde aviation batteries from Air Power Inc., the trusted aviation solutions provider. Experience the unmatched power output, durability, and dependability that only Concorde batteries can deliver. Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you in selecting the right battery for your needs. Elevate your aircraft's performance and longevity with Concorde — the choice of aviation professionals worldwide. Make your purchase today with Air Power Inc. and embark on a journey towards unparalleled flight experiences. Your best flight begins here with us.

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