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Continental Engine Cylinder Application Guide

Air Power's Cylinder Application Guide - Please always consult the manufacturers most current Illustrated Parts Catalog for detailed information

Engine Family Specification Continental Steel Continental NiC3 Nickel Carbide Superior
 O-200 A, B, C 658188A2    
     (Removable Push Rod Tubes) D 658187A2    
O-200  A, B, C 658319A2   SA10200-A20P
      (Swaged Push Rod Tubes)        
O-300  With removeable push rods



O-300 With Swaged Push Rods 658319A2   SA10200-A20P
GO300 Without Removeable Push Rods 658319A8    
  With Removeable Push Rods 658818A4    
A65 1, 3, 6, 6J, 7, 8, 8F, 8FJ, 8J, 9, 9F, 9FJ, 9J, 12, 12F, 12FJ, 12J, 14, 14F, 14FJ, 14J     SA65000S0
C 75, 85,125 658188A5   SA10200-A21P
  90 658319A4   SA10200-A22P
E 165, 185, 225 658819A2    
IO-240 (Includes IOF-240) A, B 658821A3    
IO-360 AF, ES 658821A3    
  A, C, CB, D, DB, G, GB, H, HB, J, JB, K, KB, LB 658822A3    
LTSIO-360 RB 658601A2    
  E, EB, KBO 658822A2    
TSIO-360 MB, RB, SB 658601A2    
  A, AB, C, CB, D, DB, E, EB, F, FB, GB, H, HB, JB, KB, LB 658822A2    
O-470 G7, G10, GCI1, M22, M23, M26, M27 658816A4 658829A4 SA47006S-A20P
  J 658818A3    
  U 658817A3 658830A3 SA47006L-A20P
  G, R, S, K, L 658816A3 658829A1  
  G, M, M-CI P 658816A4 658829A4 SA47006S-A20P
  CI, K, L, L-CI, R, S, T 658816A3   SA47006S-A21P
IO-470 A, C1, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C14 658816A4 658829A4 SA47006S-A20P
  VO 658817A4 658830A4  
  J, K 658818A4    
  C, G, P, R 658816A4   SA47006S-A20P
  D, E, F, H, L, M, , N, S, U, V 658816A4   SA47006L-A20P
LIO-470 A 658816A4   SA47006S-A20P
TSIO-470 B, C, D 658817A2 658830A2  
IO-520 A, B, BA, BB, C, CB, D, E, F, J, K,L, M, MB 658810A4 658823A4 SA52006-A20P
GTSIO-520 C, D, H1, H2, H5, H6, H9, H10 658811A2 658824A2  
  L1 - L8, M1, M2, M3, N1 - N12 658820A6 658833A6  
  K 658820A3 658613A3  
  K1, K5 658820A7 658833A7  
LTSIO-520 AE 658813A3    
TSIO-520 AE 658813A3    
  AF, B, BB, C, CE, D, DB, E, EB, G, H, J, JB, K, KB, L, LB, M, N, NB, P, R, T, UB, VB, WB 658810A2 658823A2 SA52006-A22P
  BE 658820A8 658833A8  
IO-550 A, B, C 658810A3 658823A3 SA52006-A23P
  D, E, F, L (Steel) 658812A2 658825A2 SA55006-A20P
  G 658820A5 658833A5  
  N, P, R 658815A2 658828A2  
IOF-550 B, C 658810A1 658823A1  
TSIO-550 A, B, C, E 658820A4 658833A4  
  G, K, N 658815A3 658828A3  
TSIOF-550 D, J, K, P 658814A3    

*Note many of the above cylinders are available as a balanced pack of 6. Please contact Air Power at 800-938-7278 if you have specific piston weight requirements.

*Continental cylinders part numbers normally reference "loaded."