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Lycoming Engine Cylinder Application Guide

Air Power's Cylinder Application Guide - Please always consult the manufacturers most current Illustrated Parts Catalog or reference Lycoming Service Instruction 1037 for detailed information


Engine models that have serial number suffix “A” or “E” are built with crankcase configurations for wide
cylinder base mounting flanges, and consequently must be assembled with “wide deck” cylinders.

Engines with no serial number suffix require “narrow deck” cylinders. Refer to the latest revision of
Lycoming Service Letter 220 for additional information on differences between Narrow Deck and Wide
Deck Engines.

Engine Family Specification Genuine Lycoming Continental Prime Steel Continental Prime NiC3 Nickel Carbide Superior
O-235 F2A, F2B, J2A 05K23040     SL10302-A20P
  K2A, K2B, K2C, L2A, L2C, M1 05K23037     SL10302-A21P
  C1, C1B, C1C, C2A, C2B, C2C, E2A, H2C 05K29652      
(High compression, narrow deck)
N2A, -N2C, -P1, -P2A, -P2C, P3C
AEIO320 D1B, D2B 05K21100 TIST04.1CA TISN04.1CA SL32006W-A20P
  E1A, E1B, E2A, E2B 05K21237-A TIST04.0CA TISN04.0CA SL32006W-A21P
AIO320 A1B, B1B, C1B 05K21100 TIST04.1CA TISN04.1CA SL32006W-A20P
IO320 - Narrow Deck B1A 05K21101 TIST07.0CA TISN07.0CA SL32006N-A20P
  A1A, A2A 05K21119 TIST06.0CA TISN06.0CA  
IO320 - Wide Deck A1A, A2A,  05K21237-A TIST04.0CA TISN04.0CA SL32006W-A21P
  B1A, B1C, B1D, B1E, B2A, D1A, D1AD, D1B, D1C 05K21100 TIST04.1CA TISN04.1CA SL32006W-A20P
  C1A, C1B, C1F 05K21242 TIST05.0CA TISN05.0CA SL32006W-A21P
  E1A, E1B, E2A, E2B 05K21237-A TIST04.0CA TISN04.0CA SL32006W-A21P
LIO320 - Narrow Deck B1A 05K21101 TIST07.0CA TISN07.0CA SL32006N-A20P
LIO320 - Wide Deck B1A 05K21100 TIST04.1CA TISN04.1CA SL32006W-A20P
  C1A 05K21242 TIST05.0CA TISN05.0CA  
O320 H2AD, H3AD 05K21119      
O320 - Narrow Deck A2A, A2B, A2C, A3A, A3B, A3C, E1A, E2A 05K21423-A TIST06.0CA  TISN06.0CA SL32006N-A21P
  B1A, B1B, B2A, B2B, B3B, B3C, D1A, D2A, D2B 05K21101 TIST08.0CA TISN08.0CA


O-320-A-E (Spot-faced Barrel Flange)         SL32006NA-A21P
O320 - Wide Deck A1A, A1B, A2C, A2D, A3A,  E1A, E1B, E1C, E1F, E1J, E2A, E2B, E2C, E2D, E2F, E2G, E2H, E3D, E3H 05k21237-A TIST04.0CA TISN04.0CA SL32006W-A21P
  B2B, B2C, B2D, B3B, B3C, D1A, D1AD, D1C, D1D, D1D, D1F, D2A, D2B D2C, D2G, D2J, D3G 05K21100 TIST04.1CA TISN04.1CA SL32006W-A20P
AEIO360 - Narrow Deck          
AEIO360 - Wide Deck A1A, A1B, A1B6, A1D, A1E, A1E6, A2B 05K21120 TIST13.0CA TISN13.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  B1B, B1F, B1G6, B2F, B4A, H1A 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
AIO360 - Wide Deck A1A, A1B, B1B 05K21120 TIST13.0CA TISN13.0CA  
HIO360 - Narrow Deck A1A 05K21224 TIST11.1CA TISN11.1CA  
  B1A 05K21102 TIST10-1CA TISN10-1CA SL36006N-A20P
HIO360 - Wide Deck A1A, A1B, C1A, C1B 05K21281      
  B1A, G1A 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  B       SL36006W-A20P
  D1A 05K21124      
  E1AD, E1BD, F1AD 05K21274   TISN14.3CA  
HO360 - Narrow Deck A1A, B1A, B1B 05K21102 TIST10.1CA TISN10.1CA SL36006N-A20P
  A1A   TIST11.1CA TISN11.1CA  
  B       SL36006N-A20P
IO360 - Narrow Deck A1A 05K21112 TIST11.0CA TISN11.0CA  
  B1A, B1B 05K21102 TIST10.1CA TISN10.1CA SL36006N-A20P
IO360 - Wide Deck A1A, A1B, A1B6, A1B6D, A1C, A1C6, A1D, A1AD, A1D6D, A2A, A2B, A2C, A3B6, A3B6D, A3D6D, C1A, C1B, C1C, C1C6, C1D6, C1E6, C1E6D, C1G6, D1A, J1A6D, K2A 05K21120 TIST13.0CA TISN13.0CA  
  B, E, M       SL36006W-A20P
  C1F   TIST14.0CA TISN14.0CA  
  B1B, B1BD, B1D, B1E, B1F, B1G6, B2E, B2F, B2F6, B4A, L2A, M1A, M1B 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  F1A 05K22926 TIST38.3CA TISN38.3CA  
IVO360 - Wide Deck A1A 05K22294      
LIO360 - Wide Deck C1E, C1E6, C1E6D 05K21120 TIST13.0CA TISN13.0CA  
LO360 - Wide Deck A1G6D, A1H6 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  E1A6D 05K21121      
LTO360 - Narrow Deck E1A6D 05K21122      
LTO360 - Wide Deck A1A6D 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
O360 - Narrow Deck A1A, A1C, A1D, A2A, A2E, A3A, C1A, C2A, C2C, C2D 05K21102 TIST10.1CA TISN10.1CA SL36006N-A20P
  B2A, D2A, D2B 05K21103 TIST12.2CA TISN12.2CA SL36006N-A21P
O360 - Wide Deck A1A, A1AD, A1D, A1F, A1F6, A1F6D, A1G, A1G6, A1G6D, A1H, A1H6, A1J, A1LD, A1P, A2A, A2D, A2F, A2G, A3A, A3AD, A4A, A4AD, A4D, A4G, A4J, A4JD, A4K, A4M, A4N, A4P, A5AD, C1A, C1C, C1E, C1F, C1G, C2A, C2C, C2E, C4F, C4P, F1A6, G1A6 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  B2C 05K21192 TIST12.2CA TISN12.2CA SL36006W-A21P
  E1A6D 05K21121      
  J2A 05K21745 TIST43.1CA TISN43.1CA  
TIO360 - Wide Deck C1A6D 05K21276      
  A1A, A1B, A3B6   TIST14.4CA TISN14.4CA  
TO360 - Narrow Deck E1A6D 05K21122      
TO360 - Wide Deck C1A6D, F1A6D 05K21276      
  A1A6D 05K21192 TIST12.2CA TISN12.2CA SL36006W-A21P
IO390 A1A6, A3A6, A1B6, A3B6, C1A6, C3A6, C1B6, C3B6 05K26625      
AEIO540 - Wide Deck D4A5, D4B5, D4D5 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  L1B5, L1B5D

05K21118 (Long reach spark plug)

05K21120 (Short reach spark plug)

HIO540 - Narrow Deck A1A 05K21112 TIST11.0CA TISN11.0CA  
ISGO540 - Narrow Deck  A1A, A1C, A1D, A1E, A1H 05K21264 TIST31-0CA TISN31-0CA  
  B1A, B1C 05K21269      
IO540 - Narrow Deck A1A5, G1A5, G1B5, G1C5, G1D5, G1E5, K1A5, K1B5, K1D5, K1F5, L1A5 05K21112 TIST11.0CA TISN11.0CA  
  B1A5, B1C5, E1A5,  05K21110      
  E1B5, M1A5 (for turbocharging) 05K21226      
  C1B5, C1C5, C2C, C4B5, C4C5, D4A5, D4B5, N1A5 05K21102 TIST10.1CA TISN10.1CA SL36006N-A20P
  J4A5, R1A5 05K21241 TIST26.0CA TISN26.0CA  
IO540 - Wide Deck AA1A5, AA1B5 05K21966      
  AB1A5, W1A5, W1A5D, W3A5D 05K21117 TIST43.0CA TISN43.0CA SL36006TW-A20P
  AC1A5 05K22672      
  AE1A5, K1A5, K1A5D, K1B5, K1D5, K1F5, K1F5D, K1G5, K1G5D, K1H5, K1J5, K1J5D, K1K5, K2A5, L1A5D, L1B5D, L1C5 05K21120 TIST13.0CA TISN13.0CA  
  C4B5, C4B5D, C4D5D, D4A5, D4B5, D4C5, N1A5, N1A5D, T4A5D, T4B5, T4B5D, T4C5D, V4A5, V4A5D 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  G1D5, K1B5, K1C5, K1E5, K1E5D, S1A5 05K21118 TIST14.0CA    
  M1A5, M1A5D, M1B5, M1B5D, M1C5, U1A5D, U1B5D 05K21263      
IVO 540 - Narrow Deck A1A 05K21220      
L/TIO540 - Wide Deck U2A 05K21966      
LTIO540 - Wide Deck F2BD, J2B, J2BD, N2BD, R2AD 05K21108      
  U2A 05K21966      
  V2AD 05K21260      
O540 - Narrow Deck A1A, A1A5, A1B5, A1C5, A1D, A1D5, A2B, A3D5, A4A5, A4B5, A4D5, E1A, E4A5, E4B5, E4C5, G1A5, G2A5, F1A5, F1B5 05K21102 TIST10.1CA TISN10.1CA SL36006N-A20P
O540 - Narrow Deck B1B5, B1B5, B2A5, B2B5, B2C5, B4B5  05K21103 TIST10.0CA TISN10.0CA SL36006N-A21P
O540 - Wide Deck A1A5, A1B5, A1C5, A1D5, A4D5, E4A5, E4B5, E4B5D, E4C5, G1A5, G1A5D, G2A5, H1A5, H2A5, H1B5D, H2B5D 05K21104 TIST12.0CA TISN12.0CA SL36006W-A20P
  B2B5, B2C5, B2C5D, B4B5, B4B5D 05K21192 TIST12.2CA TISN12.2CA SL36006W-A21P
  F1B5 05K21745 TIST43.1CA TISN43.1CA  
  J1A5D, J1C5D, J2A5D, J3A5, J3A5D, J3C5D 05K21117 TIST43.0CA TISN43.0CA SL36006TW-A20P
  L3C5D 05K21231 TIST44.0CA    
TIO540 - Wide Deck A2C,S1AD, F2BD, J2B, J2BD, N2BD, R2AD, S1AD 05K21108      
  A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B, A2C 05K21109      
  AK1A, A51A 05K23161      
  AA1AD, AB1AD, AB1BD, AF1A, AG1A, K1AD 05K22129 TIST38.1CA TISN38.1CA  
  AE2A, AH1A 05K21262      
  AF1B 05K22177      
  AJ1A 05K22680      
  C1A, C1AD 05K22128 TIST38.0CA TISN38.0CA  
  U2A 05K21966      
  V2AD 05K21260      
  W2A 05K21261      
TIVO540 - Narrow Deck A2A, A2B 05K21219      
TVO540 - Narrow Deck A1A 05K21228      
VO540 - Narrow Deck A1A, B1A, B1B, B1B3, B1C, B1D, B1F, B1G, B1D 05K21228      
  C1A, C1B, C1C3, C2A, C2C 05K21223      
TIO541 E1A4, E1C4, E1D4 05K21116      
IO720 - Narrow Deck A1A, A1B, A1BD, D1B, D1BD 05K21112 TIST11-0CA TISN11-0CA  
IO720 - Wide Deck A1B, A1BD, D1B, D1BD, D1C 05K21118 TIST14-0CA TISN14-0CA