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Brackett Aero Filters

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Part Number: BA10

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BA-100 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-100

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BA-101 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-101

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CESSNA "SKYLARK" 175, 175A, 175B, 175C, L-19 GREAT LAKES 2T-1A-2

BA-103 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-103

On Backorder - New

BELL 47G-3B, 3B-1, 3B-2, -4, -4A, -5, 47J-2, -2A

BA-105 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-105

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PIPER PA-28R-180, -200, -201, PA-28RT-201, PA-30, PA-34-200 with LYC 10-360-C146 or LIO-360-C1E6 ENGINE , PA-39, PA-44 GURMMAN "AG CAT" G164B to S/N/ 176B, G164A

BA-106 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-106

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BA-107 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-107

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CESSNA 310N, P, Q, T310P, Q CESSNA 401 S/N 145 THRU 401A, 410B S/N 221 CESSNA 402 S/N 145 THRU 402A, 402B S/N 800

BA-108 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-108

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BA-109 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-109

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CESSNA 340, 340C CESSNA 402C CESSNA 414, A

BA-110 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-110

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BA-111 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-111

On Backorder - New

CESSNA R172X REIMS CESSSNA FR172E, F, G, H, J, K CESSNA T41B, C, D CESSNA 336 CESSNA "SKYMASTER" 337, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H MAULE M-4-210, 210C, 210S, 210T, M-5-210C

BA-112 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-112

17 in stock - New

PIPER "SUPER CLUB" PA18A SUPER CUB, PA-418-150, 18A-150, 18S-150. 18AS-150, SN-18-6964 & UP WITH ITEM 110

BA-113 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-113

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BA-114 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-114

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BA-115 Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Part Number: BA-115

8 in stock - New

PIPER "AZTEC" PA-23-250, 23E-250 S/N27-2505 AND UP PIPER "CHEROKEE 6" PA32-300 w/LYC IO-540-K1A5 S/N 32-4000 THRU 32-7540198

Find Affordable Brackett Aero Filters for Your Aircraft at Air Power Inc.

Since 1968, general aviation pilots have used Brackett Aero Filters, formerly AC, to keep their aircraft and helicopter engines protected at all times. Aircraft engines rely heavily on clean and unrestricted airflow to perform at their peak. Airborne particles like dust, insects and dirt can cause serious damage to components if they're not filtered out.

That's why at Air Power Inc., we stock a wide range of replaceable Brackett aircraft aero filters to efficiently trap and remove contaminates, ensuring your engine operates with pure efficiency and maintains top performance with every flight. Brackett air filters are installed as factory original equipment on 16 current production aircraft and four helicopters. If you're looking to replace your Brackett aero filter, choose Air Power Inc. today. We have the aero filters you need for the best prices in the industry.

Your Trusted Brackett Aero Filters Supplier Since 1992

Air Power Inc. is your number one destination for the industry's best factory standard aero filters. Since our start, we've provided general aviation pilots and mechanics with Brackett aircraft aero filters for aircraft and helicopters of all makes and models. With quick and simple ordering, we make things as easy as possible to find the compatible Brackett aircraft filters you need to be shipped straight to your hangar floor. And, because we work so closely with the folks at Brackett Aero Filters, we ensure high-quality and low prices with every single order. Trust Brackett aircraft filters and Air Power Inc. to help when you need confidence in your engine.

Contact Our Expert Team Any Time

If you're having trouble figuring out which Brackett aero filter is right for your application, our dedicated specialists are here to help. With 100+ years of combined experience in aviation between them, our experts know more than a thing or two about aero filters. Just give us a call and explain your specs and what you're looking for. We'll take care of the rest. When it comes to finding the right Brackett aero filters for your make and model, Air Power Inc. is behind you every step of the way.

Why Should You Choose Brackett Aero Filters?

Brackett Aero Filters is one of the biggest names in aviation – and for good reason. The company ensures every product is made of high-quality, high-grade materials that meet the strictest standards and regulations, providing pilots and aircraft owners with reliable aero filters to safeguard their engines.

Additionally, Brackett aircraft aero filters features include:

  • FAA-PMA approved for 88 different aircraft and helicopter models.
  • Treated foam is highly efficient at filtering.
  • You only replace the low-cost throwaway element, not the entire filter.
  • Easily serviceable.
  • Dual-stage foam element increases dust holding capacity.
  • Foam filter is approved for sea planes as it is unaffected by water.
  • It has no pleats to store dirt and is abrasive-resistant.
  • Dual-stage foam element increases dust holding capacity.
  • Exceed MILSPEC MIL-F-7194.
  • 98% efficiency rating.
  • Easy, accurate servicing by replacement at specified times.


Gasket Installation Guide

If you're interested in how to install certain components like gaskets on your Brackett Aero Filter filter frame, check out this short video from Brackett below.


Frequently Asked Questions: Brackett Air Filters

If you have any questions or need more information about Brackett air filters, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.


Can I Clean & Reuse Brackett Aero Filters?

No. Brackett aero filters are designed as disposable items. Attempting to clean and reuse them can compromise their effectiveness. It is best to replace the filter with a new one as needed to maintain optimal engine performance.

How Often Should I Replace My Brackett Aero Filter?

The frequency of replacing your Brackett aero filter depends on various factors, including the aircraft type, operating conditions and the filter's usage. Follow your aircraft manufacturer's recommendations and conduct regular inspections to determine when a replacement is necessary.


Why Are Clean Aero Filters Important for Aircraft Engines? 

Clean aero filters are crucial for aircraft engines because they ensure your engine receives an adequate and contaminant-free airflow. If not filtered out, airborne particles can lead to engine wear, reduced performance and potential damage to critical engine components. Regular maintenance and replacement of filters help maintain engine efficiency and extend its lifespan.

Shop Brackett Aero Filters at Air Power Inc.


Aero filters are standard in aviation – every pilot needs to keep their engine protected at all times. If you want the best filter solutions in the industry at an affordable price, we have you covered. With top-rated products for 80+ applications, Brackett Aero Filters from Air Power Inc. are here to inspire confidence and ensure your engine is working its best every time you fly. Browse our entire selection today. If you need help choosing the best Brackett aircraft filters for your aircraft, contact us any time for more assistance.

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