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When it comes to aviation, power is everything. That's why six-cylinder Continental® IO-360 series engines have been such a mainstay in the general aviation community since they burst onto the scene. With a Continental® 360 engine, your aircraft will have the power to climb better and cruise faster thanks to an impressive 225 horsepower in a turbocharged and aftercooled form on select models – that's a remarkable .625 horsepower per cubic inch. At Air Power Inc., we carry 17 different series builds, so you're sure to find the Continental® IO-360 perfect for your model. Browse our entire line of Continental® IO-360s for sale at Air Power Inc. today.   

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I0360ES25BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-360-ES25

Part Number: I0360ES25BN

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New I0360ES16BN Continental Engine

Part Number: I0360ES16BN

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New I0360ES27BN Continental Engine

Part Number: I0360ES27BN

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I0360ES26BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-360-ES26

Part Number: I0360ES26BN

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I0360GB2BN Continental Engine - NEW IO-360-GB2

Part Number: I0360GB2BN

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LTSI0360KB6BN Continental Engine - NEW LTSIO-360-KB6

Part Number: LTSI0360KB6BN

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Look to Air Power Inc. for OEM Continental® IO-360 Series Engines

If you want your aircraft to fly farther and climb faster, look no further than Continental® IO-360 engines from Air Power Inc. Each engine in the Continental® IO-360 series has six smooth-running cylinders that give outstanding efficiency, range and power for a perfect flight, every time. The OEM Continental® IO-360s for sale at Air Power Inc. are available in both naturally aspirated, fuel-injected IO-360 models and turbocharged TSIO-360 versions — straight from Continental® factories across the U.S.

Air Power Inc. Provides Continental® IO-360 Engines With Service & Passion

At Air Power Inc., we want to help you find the best Continental® IO-360 engine for the best price. Thanks to our close relationship with Continental® and our status as their preferred distributor, we're able to keep the quality high and the costs as low as possible.

Our Dedicated Experts Are Here to Help

When you're ready to buy a Continental® IO-360, know that our expert team is right behind you every step of the way. We're as passionate about taking to the skies as you are – that's what you get from a team with over 100 years of combined experience in this industry. Trust us to help you find the best Continental® 360 engine series build for your specific model and flying requirements.

Find the Perfect Continental® 360 Engine for Your Aircraft

Our inventory is fully stocked with all 17 Continental® 360 engine series builds. That means no matter your needs or model of aircraft, you'll find the right Continental® IO-360 for sale in our selection. Some of our most popular series builds include:

Frequently Asked Questions: Continental® IO-360 Engines

We understand you have a lot riding on this purchase – and we want to ensure our process is as accessible and easy to understand as possible. Before you select your perfect Continental® IO-360, check out our frequently asked questions so you know all the facts before you buy.

Do You Offer Financing Options for Continental® 360 Engines?

Yes! We offer financing through the Van Bortel Finance Corporation for every Continental® 360 engine in our inventory.

What Is Your Core Return Policy for Continental® IO-360 Engines?

Because we are only an authorized distributor of Continental® IO-360 engines and not a manufacturer, we must adhere to the core return policy set by Continental Aerospace Technologies™. To learn more about the requirements, view our full core return policy page.

How Fast Will My Continental® IO-360 Be Delivered?

In-stock Continental® IO-360 engines will be shipped the same day, as long as you place your order before 3 PM Central (U.S.) time. Delivery dates will depend on the shipping carrier. Air Power Inc. reserves the right to choose the shipping carrier unless specified by the customer.

Look to Air Power Inc. for Your Continental® IO-360

At Air Power Inc., we like to think our dedication to our customers and passion for service set us apart from everyone else. When you place your order for a Continental® IO-360, we'll be behind you at every step. If you still have any questions or need to talk details, feel free to get in touch with us.

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29 OCT 2021

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Air Power, Inc. Is proud of our reputation for being the go-to supplier for quick turnaround orders on airplane parts and aircraft engines. However, recently, the United States continues to fall deeper into supply chain issues; many of which impact deliveries in our industry. It’s no surprise that the ease of our product delivery has taken a hit. Let’s take a closer look at the current supply chain situation and why your aircraft & engine repair business should order aircraft & engine parts from Air Power before an urgent need arises.

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14 JUN 2022

Continental Aerospace Technologies - Engine Break-In Instructions

When helping our customers purchase Continental aircraft engines, aircraft cylinders and speaking with those having their engine overhauled, we always return to Continental Manual M-0 for advice. While there are hundreds of break in opinions online and through the many shops in the country, we always stick to factory guidance and refer back to M-0. You should always print off a copy of M-0 (Section 7) before flying your aircraft with a new, rebuilt engine or fresh cylinders.