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Whelen Aerospace Technologies Parts & Accessories

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For aircraft lighting that goes the distance, turn to Whelen Aerospace Technologies at Air Power Inc. Crafted to the highest industry standards, Whelen lights are the go-to for safe and reliable illumination in the skies. Not to mention, Whelen lights are recognized for their durability, high performance and energy efficiency, making them a preferred choice in the aviation industry. Our Whelen aircraft lighting catalog includes everything from powerful strobe lights to high-intensity aircraft landing lights, all for the best prices in the industry. Shop Whelen aviation lights at Air Power Inc. today.

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01-0270758-00 Whelen FLASHER ASSEMBLY

Part Number: 01-0270758-00

On Backorder - New


01-0271325-00 Whelen LED RECOGNITION LIGHT, 28V

Part Number: 01-0271325-00

On Backorder - New

It is an updated version of Model 71092 recognition light (2008 Catalog). Model 71325 exceeds light output of 71092 by 3 times. Unit ships with 7” wires into A447 style pin connector. Will operate from 14-28VDC. --- Model 7132500 --- Recognition light assembly

01-0290394-50 Whelen Aerospace Tec LED HEAD ASSEMBLY, RED

Part Number: 01-0290394-50

3 in stock - New


01-0400-0000 Whelen Aerospace Tec HEAD DASH 8-400

Part Number: 01-0400-0000

On Backorder - New


01-0410823-00 Whelen Aerospace Technologies CONNECTOR KIT, 3POS, SOCKETS

Part Number: 01-0410823-00

On Backorder - New


01-0416564-00 Whelen Aerospace Tec 90033REWORK KIT

Part Number: 01-0416564-00

330 in stock - New


01-0417808-01 Whelen KIT, 4 POS. CONNECTOR AND PIN

Part Number: 01-0417808-01

1 in stock - New


01-0418045-00 Whelen LENS KIT, 20/30/90 DEG OPTICS

Part Number: 01-0418045-00

On Backorder - New

KIT, LENS 20/30/90 DEG OPTICS FOR 7112510 & 20

01-0430011-00 Whelen CONNECTOR KIT, 3POS, PINS

Part Number: 01-0430011-00

23 in stock - New


01-0450685-00 Whelen CLAMP RING ASSEMBLY (NYLON)

Part Number: 01-0450685-00

9 in stock - New


01-0502-0000 Whelen Aerospace Tec TOWBAR ATTACH.HEAD

Part Number: 01-0502-0000

2 in stock - New


01-0503-0000 Whelen Aerospace Tec HEAD

Part Number: 01-0503-0000

On Backorder - New


01-0506-0000 Whelen Aerospace Tec TOWBAR HEAD

Part Number: 01-0506-0000

7 in stock - New


01-0507-0000 Whelen Aerospace Tec HEAD

Part Number: 01-0507-0000

On Backorder - New


01-0508-0000 Whelen Aerospace Tec HEAD

Part Number: 01-0508-0000

On Backorder - New


Whelen Aircraft Lighting Solutions at Air Power Inc.

For over 65 years, Whelen aircraft lighting has been a staple in the aviation industry – giving pilots the tools they need to stay safe and visible during night flights. As a global leader in the aerospace lighting market, they specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing cutting-edge products to enhance your flying experience. Air Power Inc. proudly partners with Whelen Aerospace Technologies to supply high-quality Whelen aircraft lights to general aviation pilots worldwide, meeting the highest industry standards and promoting safer skies. With a wide range of their finest products available at the best prices in the industry, you're sure to find the Whelen lighting you need for your airframe. Elevate your airframe's lighting performance. Shop Whelen aerospace lighting from Air Power Inc today.

Air Power Inc. Is Your No. 1 Supplier of Whelen Aircraft Lights

Since 1992, Air Power Inc. has been a proud provider of Whelen aircraft lights to meet general aviation pilots' needs on all types of airframes. Every product in our catalog is FAA-approved, meeting the highest standards for performance and reliability. With Whelen lights, aircraft gain superior visibility, reducing the risk of potential hazards in all weather conditions.

We Carry Whelen Aircraft Lighting of All Types

Air Power Inc. offers general aviation pilots the largest selection of Whelen Aerospace Technologies products for all your aircraft lighting needs.

Within our catalog, you'll find Whelen aircraft lighting solutions such as:

Expert Guidance for Your Whelen Lighting Needs

At Air Power Inc., our commitment to customer service is second only to our love for aviation. If you're searching for the perfect Whelen lighting solution for your aircraft's make and model, our specialized team is here to assist you. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our aviation knowledge sets us apart. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for expert guidance and personalized assistance. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Learn More About Whelen Aerospace Technologies

If you'd like to learn more about Whelen aircraft lighting, check out this short video.


Frequently Asked Questions: Whelen Aircraft Lights

Have questions or need more information about Whelen aircraft lights? Take a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Are Whelen Aircraft Lights Compatible With All Aircraft Models?

Whelen produces lights designed to fit a broad range of aircraft models. However, verifying compatibility with your specific make and model is essential to ensure a proper fit.

Is Whelen Lighting Suitable for All Weather Conditions?

Whelen aircraft lights are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow and high humidity.

Will Whelen Aerospace Lighting Require Special Maintenance?

No. Whelen aerospace lighting is designed for easy maintenance, but periodic inspections and cleaning are essential to ensure optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations and guidelines for longevity.

Shop Whelen Aircraft Lighting at Air Power Inc. Today

When you need Whelen aircraft lighting at a low cost, turn to the team at Air Power Inc. Whelen aircraft lights are trusted by pilots worldwide, from general aviation enthusiasts to commercial airlines who demand the best in quality and performance. Browse our entire selection today. If you still have questions, need assistance, or want to discuss which Whelen lights will suit your needs, contact our team today. We're always happy to help.

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