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Aircraft Oil Filters

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Aircraft Oil Filters: Your Engine's First Line of Defense

Aircraft oil filters are essential components to maintain your aircraft's engine. Just as the heart relies on clean arteries to function optimally, your engine relies on a clean oil supply. Without high-quality aircraft oil filters, particulates in the oil could compromise the engine's intricate mechanisms, leading to a loss in efficiency, potential engine failure and compromised safety.


We carry airplane oil filters for a massive selection of aircraft makes and models, so general aviation pilots are always prepared before taking to the skies. Ensuring your engine is equipped with a filter from Air Power Inc. means choosing excellence and reliability for every flight.

Your Trusted Aircraft Parts Distributor

Air Power Inc. stands out in the aviation industry as a leading direct distributor of general aviation aircraft parts, including top-grade aircraft oil filters. Our relationships with top manufacturers enable us to deliver exceptional quality without compromise. By partnering with industry leaders, we ensure access to the finest airplane oil filters at the best prices. Our commitment to quality, affordability and customer satisfaction cements our reputation as the go-to source for aviation components. When equipping your aircraft with the best, Air Power Inc. is your ally in achieving peak performance and value.

Explore Our Full Range of Aircraft Oil Filters

Air Power Inc. offers a curated selection of aircraft oil filters for sale from leading manufacturers, each designed to meet the high demands of general aviation. Our inventory includes:


  • Tempest Oil Filters: These are often used in aircraft powered by popular engine manufacturers like Lycoming and Continental®. Tempest aircraft oil filters are designed to meet the needs of a vast array of single-engine and twin-engine aircraft that utilize these common engine types.
  • Champion Aerospace Oil Filters: Champion airplane oil filters are also compatible with engines from Lycoming, Continental® and other manufacturers. Champion's reputation for quality means that their filters are chosen by many pilots of aircraft, ranging from light singles to complex twins.
  • Cessna Oil Filters: Typically, these are proprietary for Cessna aircraft and tailored to the engines used in their models. Cessna aircraft oil filters would be compatible with Cessna planes, from their single-engine piston aircraft like the Cessna 172 Skyhawk to their larger, more complex models.

Reach Out to Our Expert Team for Help

Air Power Inc.'s dedicated team brings over a century of combined experience in the aviation sector, ensuring unparalleled expertise in every interaction. Whether you're uncertain about the specific airplane oil filter you require or you're looking for a recommendation based on engine type, our experts are equipped to provide you with personalized guidance. With in-depth knowledge of each filter's performance characteristics and the diverse requirements of different aircraft, our specialists stand ready to assist you in pinpointing the perfect aircraft oil filter for your needs.

How to Inspect an Aircraft Oil Filter

Conducting thorough inspections of your aircraft oil filter is a critical aspect of regular aircraft maintenance that should never be overlooked. These inspections are vital for identifying potential issues before they escalate into serious problems. By carefully examining an airplane oil filter, you can detect early signs of engine wear or contamination. Check out this short video detailing the inspection process.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or want to learn more about aircraft oil filters, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Often Should I Change My Aircraft Oil Filter?

The frequency of changing an aircraft oil filter should align with the recommendations provided in your aircraft's maintenance manual. Typically, this is every oil change, which can be every 25-50 flight hours or once a year.

Do Your Airplane Avionics Come With a Warranty?

The aircraft avionics for sale in our inventory only come to us through approved sources. Each item is inspected to the best of our ability to ensure it's in proper working condition. While Air Power Inc. cannot offer a warranty regarding the condition of our parts, the original equipment manufacturer warranties are in place at the time of sale.

What Are the Signs My Aircraft Oil Filter Needs Replaced?

Indicators that an aircraft oil filter may need replacing include a noticeable drop in oil pressure, evidence of metal particles during an oil filter inspection or simply reaching the interval for routine replacement as dictated by your maintenance schedule.

Are All Aircraft Oil Filters the Same?

Not all aircraft oil filters are the same. Different brands and models of filters are engineered for various types of engines and aircraft. They can differ in filtration efficiency, pressure differential, anti-drain back valves and overall design.

Shop Aircraft Oil Filters at Air Power Inc. Today

Elevate your aircraft's engine protection today by choosing from our premier selection of aircraft oil filters. Don't compromise on the health of your aircraft; our top-quality filters are the keystones to ensuring your engine runs cleaner, smoother and more efficiently. Your engine deserves excellence – find it with aircraft oil filters for sale from Air Power Inc.

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