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Continental Aerospace Technologies Core Amnesty is Back

19 Jun 2023

Continental® Engines Announces Unique Amnesty Program for Core Exchange 

In a groundbreaking move, Continental® Engines has announced an amnesty program that gives customers full core credit on factory engine orders, regardless of the condition of their old engine. This unique initiative eliminates the typical requirement for engines to be serviceable, assembled, and complete for exchange.

Starting from June 1st to July 30th, 2023, this program will apply to firm non-cancellable engine orders placed with Continental®. The company’s normal engine core exchange policy has been temporarily lifted, paving the way for more clients to experience the performance and reliability of Continental's factory engines.

However, certain conditions must be fulfilled for this unique offer to be valid. Engine orders must be marked for immediate delivery as soon as the engines are available or completed by Continental®. Unfortunately, orders with a request for deferred delivery won't be eligible for the promotion.

Despite the removal of the serviceability requirement, exchange engine cores must still be returned following the usual RMA process. They must include key components such as the original data plate, engine logbook, crankcase, crankshaft, turbo and camshaft gears, and turbo waste gates, among others. If any of these components are missing, the engine will be assessed and could receive up to only 50% of core credit.

In another unprecedented move, Continental® will also accept unlike-core orders. This means, if the purchased engine is an approved upgrade application to the core engine being returned, the standard requirement of exchange engine cores being of the same model and configuration will be waived. 

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to exchange your certified Continental® avgas engine for a brand new or rebuilt Continental® factory engine, and receive 100% of the core value, regardless of its condition.

All other standard sales terms and conditions will apply as usual. 

As one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft engines in the world, Continental's offer opens up a new opportunity for aircraft owners to upgrade or replace their old engines under highly favorable conditions. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Contact your Continental® Preferred Engine Distribitor, Air Power, Inc, for a quote today! This is a rare chance to get a Continental® factory engine at an unprecedented price.

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