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Modern Advances with Aircraft Alternators

The Premier Alternator from Plane-Power

Modern Advances with Aircraft Alternators

       In 2014Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), a category leader renowned for its premium product lines, acquired Plane-Power. The goal? Consolidate both alternator families and create a powerhouse solution for the aviation industry. Because of HET's acquisitions of companies such as Prestolite, Aero Electric Group, Electrosystems, and Skytronics’ Jasco line, the new Plane-Power alternator achieved that goal. Over time, Plane-Power's name continues to spread. These alternators support OEM customer requirements with alternators for aircraft needing electrical power from 20 to 200 amps. 

       But, how exactly did Plane-Power become what it is today? Let's backtrack for a moment. We know that over time, older aircraft electrical systems grow outdated, leaving them in need of an updated design. This is where Plane-Power comes in, to replace these systems with technologically updated low-cost designs. These designs, although based on current automotive technology, are specifically adapted to optimally perform in aircraft applications, making them the superior choice for general aviation. 

Modern Advances with Aircraft Alternators

       To meet the need for advancements in aircraft systens, Plane-Power started developing a full line of lightweight aircraft alternator designs with mounting kits, suitable for numerous engine variations. After this came the expansion of the Plane-Power line, when they developed a simplified voltage regulator for older aircraft in need of an upgrade. This expansion created a new contender in the aircraft alternator category. 

       Plane-Power consistently expands product offerings with a solid foundation of reliability: superior design, advanced manufacturing technology, and state-of-the-art testing facilities. There is little debate in the aviation community that the Plane-Power brand stands as the top choice when selecting an aircraft alternator. Whether for general aviation applications or UAVs, Plane-Power paves the way into a future of continuously-advancing aviation technology, while also keeping the customer's needs and budget in mind. Considering the quality, cost, and trustworthy performance, there is no doubt that Plane-Power is "Built On Honor"! 


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ES-4029 - 28V/70A - Replaces CMG 653344

ES-7024-14 - 24V/70A - Replaces CMG 657199

4111810R - 12V/60A - O/H 02317

ALV-9610 - 24V/100A - Replaces CMG 646491 and CMG 649304

DOFF10300BR - O/H Alternator

ALU-8521LS - 24V/70A - Replaces ALU-8421LS



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