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New Aircraft Kits at Air Power, Inc.!

30 Apr 2024

Air Power, Inc. is excited to offer new aircraft kits to our customers! This includes engine installation kits, 100-kits, and more! While we continue to expand the selection, we are proud to offer 3 main kits right now. These are perfect for flight schools, as they contain popular items that are frequently bought together all bundled in one shipment!



We appreciate your continued support in business and always look for new ways to improve your purchasing experience. These kits are put together by our team with careful consideration and if you have feedback, please contact us with ideas for how we can add to the kits we have already configured. Our kit category is going to continue to expand, so stay tuned as we continue to put together new additions! 

Why choose an Air Power Aircraft Kit?

It's simple! By grouping together some popular parts that are purchased often, these kits are convenient and make it easy to get the parts all at once. This saves time, making it an efficient choice when you know you'll need more than just one item!


Columbia 400 Brake & Landing Gear Service

C172L-M 100-Hour Service Kit

C172R/S Engine Install Kit - IO-260-L2A

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