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PowerUP Ignition Systems - Introducing General Aviation's #1 Magneto & Ignition Parts Line

03 Jan 2024


Air Power, Inc. is proud to introduce PowerUp Ignition by Hartzell Engine Technologies. In late 2023, Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) acquired Kelly Aero. Kelly Aero has long been a manufacturer of PMA magneto components, harnesses, and has been a magneto overhaul & repair facility. It’s important to note that PowerUp is not just a rebranding of an existing product line, but rather a top-to-bottom review of the entire Kelly line and a reapplication of their PMA’s through the FAA. This PMA review process ensures that all shortcomings of parts that they replace are addressed to the FAA’s satisfaction.

       There is no doubt that the PowerUp Ignition line by HET is the best performing and best value ignition system for piston-powered general aviation aircraft on the market! Let’s look at the entire PowerUp Ignition product lineup, its competitive advantages, and some part number changes.


PowerUp Magnetos

HET offers PMA direct replacement magnetos for all Champion/Slick models. PMAs, by process and design, are as good as or better than the original design they are replacing. In the case of these magnetos, they represent a significant improvement from new and overhauled Slick magnetos. In fact, most shops overhauling Slick magnetos use PowerUp internal components during their processes.


Features of the PowerUp magneto include:

  • Over two years on the market with no Airworthiness Directive, Service Bulletin, or Service Difficulty Reports issued.
  • A lengthy list of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, and Service Difficulty Reports on Slick magnetos have been addressed, and improvements incorporated into the design.
  • A single-piece impulse coupling hub design with no rivets improves durability & manufacturability, compared to the Champion/Slick 5-piece hub that is subject to tolerance stack-up and has associated SB & AD activity.
  • The capacitor is internally grounded for improved durability, and the square insulator/stud base is less prone to rotation during nut torquing.
  • There is more support material around the coil tab, the coil includes more support material, and more lamination plates that resist deformation during assembly.
  • Champ-up force on the breaker assembly is applied to a metal frame versus a plastic body on a Champion/Slick, demonstrating reduced point drift throughout its service life.
  • PowerUp’s Block Assembly has arc suppression ribs added to the bridge in the high-tension carbon brush zone, reducing misfires. Unlike the Champion/Slick, the block assembly has been geometrically designed to prevent incorrect installation.
  • The distributor gear has an electrode made from Monel for superior arc erosion resistance. Slick/Champion has recently changed their distributor gear to match the PowerUp design. 


PowerUp Magneto Options

HET has three options for owners of Slick magnetos:

  1. Factory New PMA
  • Simply add an “ES” prefix to the original Slick part number you are replacing. Examples would be a 4371 or 6310 Slick would become an ES4371 or ES6310, respectively.
  • One-year warranty.
  1. PowerUp Deluxe Overhauled Magneto
  • The deluxe overhaul replaces all internal components, including the impulse coupling. These will be sold on exchange to minimize downtime.
  • Add a suffix of “HP” to the Champion/Slick part number. For example, you would need to order a 4371HP or 6310HP.
  • One-year warranty.
  1. PowerUp Overhaul
  • This could be considered a price-point overhaul where all mandatory items are replaced, and remaining internal components are replaced on an as-needed basis. This is a phenomenal value for flight schools and fleets that are sensitive to maintenance costs. They will be in stock and sold on exchange to minimize or eliminate downtime.
  • Most will be familiar with the Kelly Aero numbering criteria of 4371R or 6310R. With PowerUp, you’ll need to order an H4317 or H6310.
  • 6-month warranty.

One very important point to cover is that all internal components going into a PowerUp overhauled magneto are the same components used to manufacture the new magneto.

HET also has an option for owners of Continental/Bendix magnetos:


PowerUp Overhaul

  • These magnetos are overhauled by HET using the same components that have been built by Kelly Aero for over 20 years.
  • These carry the same numbering criteria that Kelly Aero has used for years, for example, a 10-500556-1 becomes a 10-500556-1R. You will receive an FAA 8130 with the original OEM part number; the “R” suffix is for ordering purposes only. 


Ignition Harnesses

PowerUp offers a plethora of ignition harnesses for both Slick & Bendix magnetos. In fact, PowerUp manufactures the OEM ignition harness for Continental (Bendix). The PowerUp ignition harnesses are a staple in engine shops around the world. Benefits of the PowerUp harnesses include:

  • PowerUp harnesses incorporate a negative-pitch spring design which allows the coil spring tip to lie flat against the spark plug electrode, providing 360-degree contact. Ignition energy is maximized, and flashover is reduced to a minimum.
  • Replacement springs are available separately, saving time and money when a field repair is necessary.
  • Steel nuts offer superior strength compared to aluminum nuts and reduce the potential for galling during installation.
  • Using a tinned-copper, nickel-plated braid shielding substantially reduces EMI, and combined with a very flexible 19-strand conductor of stainless-steel wire provides the ultimate in wire conductivity and ease of installation.
  • The abrasion-resistant polymer cover has been engineered specifically for the high-temperature environment of reciprocating engines.
  • Available in several different colors.

A complete application guide can be found HERE!


Magneto Detail Parts

All parts used to manufacture and overhaul PowerUp magnetos are available to be purchased individually or within a curated kit. Many of these detail parts are technically superior to their OEM counterparts. Kits are available for both repair/500-hour inspection and overhaul.

       Air Power is proud to be a member of the Hartzell Aviation family, which includes storied brands such as Sky-Tec, Plane Power, PowerUP Ignition Systems, AeroForce Turbos & Components, Janitrol, Fuelcraft, Tanis, Aerospace Welding, and more!

       Air Power remains committed to selling the best aviation products at the best prices. We will not be undersold. Air Power offers discounts for volume purchases, fleets, flight schools, and maintenance facilities. Register for an online account at for instant savings!

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