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Top Reasons to Enroll in a 2022 Training Program

Top Reasons to Enroll in a 2022 Training Program

In the past courses like those from Lycoming Engines were split up into different classes and participants were forced to pick and choose where they’d gain their information. While this is still a situation for Continental, attendees must keep in mind that their courses are held in both the United States and Germany.

However, When it comes to Lycoming, they now offer a single 5 day, 40-hour course that comprehensively covers everything a participant would need to learn from the course. 

From reviewing service publications and manuals to digging into the depths of how different engines for aircraft work, there is a lot to be learned from one of the available courses in 2022.

Perfect Your Inspection and Servicing Processes

As an airplane mechanic, your livelihood depends on how efficiently you perform your inspection and servicing processes. Training programs not only help you gain up-to-date knowledge of the latest engine needs but allows you to dig deeper into valuable troubleshooting skills that can help you save time and money on some of the most common engine problems.

Theory-Based and Hands-On Training Brings Together the Best of Both Worlds

Finally, these courses aren’t just glorified lectures. The Lycoming programs, in particular, are evenly split between standard theory-based training and hands-on experience with professionals.

Participants will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the inner workings, disassembly, and reassembly of Lycoming and Continental airplane engines.

What Training Programs Are Available in 2022?

If you are interested in participating in world-renowned training programs, Air Power, Inc. is available to help get you on track for one of the upcoming 2022 courses for Lycoming Engines and Continental Aerospace Technologies.

Lycoming Engines

Lycoming’s 5-day, 40-hour course is held at Lumley Aviation Center in Montoursville, PA. They have courses currently available through November of 2022.

Information about registration for their training program is available directly through our website.

Continental Aerospace Technologies

Continental offers several different courses throughout the year with participants able to select Level 1 or Level 2 courses for AVGas or Jet-A training programs. 

Continental courses are held through November 2022, with registration directly available on their site.

Register and Take to the Skies With the Help of Air Power, Inc.

If you’re eager to learn from the best in the industry, Air Power, Inc. has the connections to help you register for this year’s training courses. Reach out to us today to learn more about how to get started for 2022 programs.

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