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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website!

For nearly 30-years Air Power, Inc. has helped power the dreams of general aviation pilots across the nation. While we’ve put so many decades into ensuring that aircraft owners, service centers, and engine overhaul facilities have the essential parts they need for their clients, we thought it was time to give our own brand the boost it deserves.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and are now proud to introduce you to the new and improved Air Power website! While we’ve come so far with our new design, we aren’t done yet! Look out for more features we’ll add as time goes on.

New Look, Same Quality Aircraft Parts

We understand that change can seem off-putting for clients who got used to navigating our old site. However, we’re here to put your worries at ease.

We may have given ourselves a new, sleeker look, but we will always be the nation’s most trusted airplane parts and accessories supplier.

Our customers trust us to use our experience and industry knowledge to help them make the right decisions for their essential airplane engine and parts purchases. So, we’ve updated our site to make the selection and shopping experience a simple and streamlined process.

We’ve Completely Streamlined Your Shopping Experience

Although our former website allowed shoppers to find what they needed, we’ve amped up the user experience and made shopping for airplane parts easier than ever before.

Guests can still manually browse through our available products, but not everyone has the time to check in on our parts availability. So, we’ve added a little extra ease to keep up our promise of the best customer service in the industry.

Meet Our .CSV Cart Import Tool

If you know what you want and have a prepared order sheet ready to go, our newest shopping cart feature helps make the shopping process faster and more efficient.

In fact, all it takes is two simple steps, and your cart is quickly filled with the items that we currently have in stock.

How to Use Our .CSV Cart Import Tool

  1. Create a .CSV file that details each of the airplane and engine parts you’d like to order
  2. Import and submit your .CSV file in our import tool in the shopping cart section of our site

With our new tool, the guesswork on product availability is taken out of the equation and your clients are well on their way to getting up in the air faster than ever.

Find Out What’s in Stock, Today!

Whether you are looking for Lycoming engine parts or need to find out what we currently have on sale, our new website shows you exactly what we have in stock, the day you visit our online store.

We give you all of the product information you need to make the best purchase decision possible. This information includes:

  • Online pricing
  • Manufacturer information
  • Part number
  • Estimated shipping date

Air Power Will Always Help Keep Your Clients Soaring Higher

At Air Power, our goal is to help airplane service centers and personal aviation customers keep the airplanes of our industry in the sky. If you know that your location could use some of our quality airplane products, we know we can help.

We invite you to explore our new site and find the product you need for your next repair or maintenance project.

If you have any questions regarding our new site, we’ve hired a new Internet Sales Manager and still have our core management team intact.

Contact us to learn more about our products or to ask us any questions you think our new site missed!