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Why Choose Rotax Epoxy Floats to Solve Your Carburetor Problem?

An aircraft’s carburetor is an essential piece of an internal combustion engine. When functioning properly, the carburetor supplies the engine with the essential air/fuel mixture to facilitate the internal combustion of the engine.

When an aircraft carburetor starts to malfunction, the engine starts to stall, creating a dangerous situation for any pilot. Typically, this is due to a malfunction in the carb’s float chamber, a common problem seen in Rotax and other engine carburetors.

Fortunately, Air Power, Inc. has the solution to the Rotax carburetor problem, and is prepared to help you stock your repair shop with Marvel-Schebler Air’s Rotax/Bing Blue Epoxy Floats!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this premier product so special.

What is a Carburetor Float?

Carburetor floats help maintain the fuel levels in the carburetor and regulate the fuel flow to the aircraft’s engine. These engine parts are essential because they help offset problems caused by too little and excess fuel in an engine.

Some of the biggest dangers of ill-leveled fuel in an engine include:

  • Poor engine performance
  • Engine stalling
  • Constant refueling due to poor fuel economy
  • Wet, damaged spark plugs

Why Choose Marvel-Schebler Epoxy Floats?

It’s clear why carburetor floats are essential, but why choose Marvel-Schebler epoxy floats? At Air Power, we’ve found they are the best product on the market for reliable carburetor floats.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few of the biggest reasons why so many pilots and aircraft shops use Marvel-Schebler to keep Rotax engines running.

It Fixes Common Carburetor Problems

Throughout the history of our industry, floats have been necessary products that came with their own set of problematic issues.

From hollow cork floats to hollow brass floats, there always seemed to be an issue with fuel absorption within the float, leading to carburetor problems and aircraft malfunction.

In the past, even a pinpoint-sized fracture could lead to quick fuel absorption, throwing off a carburetor’s functionality.

Rotax Engine Bing Epoxy Floats are solid, one-piece epoxy floats that simply won’t leak or absorb fuel. Regardless of any holes in the material, these solid floats will not absorb fuel, and continue to perform their job to perfection.

Strong, Reliable, Tough

Since 2005 when the epoxy float was invented, Marvel-Schebler has continuously proven that epoxy floats are stronger and more durable than their brass counterparts. 

From weight-driven stress tests to placing their epoxy floats in direct contact with extreme temperatures, these products have always proven their strength against the odds and have effectively led to the obsoletion of hollow brass floats in the aviation industry. 

Keep Your Customer’s Engines Running with the Power of Air Power, Inc.

If you manage an aircraft repair business and help a lot of customers out with malfunctioning floats in their Rotax engine, epoxy floats from Marvel-Schebler may be the solution you need

These floats are currently in stock at Air Power, Inc. and can be shipped to your location quickly. Contact us today or use our new shopping cart features to get your order started.

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