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Why Install a New McCauley Propeller to Your Beechcraft King Air B300?

McCauley Propeller Systems is internationally recognized for the quality they’ve provided to the aeronautics industry for over 80 years.

McCauley is proud to be a brand that has changed the flight industry through its best practices and constant moves towards innovation and excellence.

Last July, the company announced a new propeller that pilots could begin looking at for Beechcraft King Air B300s. The propellers are expected to be certified early this year, with order deliveries shipping shortly after.

What’s New About McCauley Propeller?

At Air Power, Inc. we are one of the leading providers of airplane engines & parts to mechanics and flight enthusiasts. We are excited to see any new product that hits the market and are here to show you what makes the new McCauley Propeller a piece of airplane equipment that is in a league of its own!

Extended Overhaul Time

The time between a propeller’s overhaul is never anything a pilot looks forward to running out of. Staying up in the air and enjoying the ride is something that McCauley is dedicated to providing with each propeller upgrade.

The latest propeller for Beechcraft King Air B300s has an extended time between overhauls that is around 5,000 hours or 72 months. Your customers can enjoy years in the air with the investment of the latest propellers from McCauley.

Increased Weight Savings Per Aircraft

The weight of an airplane is essential for the safety and smoothness of a flight. The last thing a pilot wants is their propeller weighing down their airplane. The manufacturers of the latest propeller for the Beechcraft King Air B300 understand the importance of lighter essentials.

This is why the latest from McCauley offers nearly 40 pounds of weight savings per aircraft they are used on.

Weighing in at around 177 pounds per propeller, the aluminum blades of the latest McCauley propellers provide the quality expected from the brand, along with a lighter, more aerodynamic design.

Limited Propeller Warranty

Despite the quality workmanship of McCauley propellers, pilots love to know that they are protected in the air no matter what. The latest equipment from one of the world’s most trusted brands adds the benefits of Textron Aviation’s limited propeller warranty.

The warranty offers 36 months and 4,000 hours of propeller protection that repairs or replaces any propeller or propeller parts sold by McCauley.

Order Your Airplane Parts Easier Today, With Air Power, Inc. 

At Air Power, Inc. we know that it can be a task for an airplane repair shop to order mass quantities of essential parts for important repairs. That’s why we’ve revamped our website and made the shopping process streamlined for your convenience.

Whether your shop is ready to invest in McCauley’s latest propellers or needs a large order of other quality airplane parts, we have your needs covered.

Contact us today to learn more about our product availability and how we can make fulfilling your next order a stress-free experience. We’re ready to keep you in the air, longer.

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