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Why Should You Order Aircraft Parts & Engines Sooner Rather Than Later?

Air Power, Inc. Is proud of our reputation for being the go-to supplier for quick turnaround orders on airplane parts and aircraft engines.

However, recently, the United States continues to fall deeper into supply chain issues; many of which impact deliveries in our industry. It’s no surprise that the ease of our product delivery has taken a hit.

Let’s take a closer look at the current supply chain situation and why your aircraft & engine repair business should order aircraft & engine parts from Air Power before an urgent need arises.

What Are the Major Supply Chain Issues?

Scarce Materials

Across the nation, manufacturers have struggled to produce supply as demand throughout general aviation continues to rise rapidly.

As materials to create products for essential aircraft components become harder to come by, supply chains slow down and sometimes grind to a halt. Scarcity in materials not only increases lead times but also forces several manufacturers to increase prices to meet their own financial goals.

Forecasting Difficulties

Unlike in the past, manufacturers have found it difficult to forecast how much inventory is in demand. Without the ability to accurately forecast demand, production accuracy falters and manufacturers can easily underestimate how high in demand their products are.

Port Congestion

In conjunction with labor shortages that plague national supply chains, ports continuously find themselves in a position where they are unable to unload new deliveries in a timely manner. Although bottlenecks at ports still eventually get items loaded and shipped, the situation makes it almost impossible for manufacturers to meet timely delivery deadlines.

As an example of how port congestion impacts us, one of our manufacturers currently has several containers sitting on a ship anchored off of the coast of Los Angeles.

Increased Freight Prices

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, several industries have actually increased their reliance on international shipping. However, the availability of shipping containers is limited, therefore, with higher demand comes higher shipping costs.

These costs hold up some manufacturers’ abilities to mass ship their products and ultimately leads to costly delays that force them to increase prices on the products they are selling.

Why Should Your Aircraft & Engine Repair Shop Order Parts Now?

If you wait until your client’s aircraft is broken down to have parts on hand, depending on the parts you need, you may have waited too long. As much as Air Power, Inc. wants to quickly turn around all products for our clients, they can no longer call us up and have it overnighted as in the past.

While we still have a host of products we can send out the same day, this isn’t possible with popular products like cylinders, lifters, and engines. Some of the most popular engines and engine products may not even show up until November of 2022 if ordered right now.

Air Power has been placing consistent orders, but as the industry continues to face supply chain issues, we’ve found that we end up selling products before they even hit our shelves.

We will always be the most reliable, customer-centric supplier of aircraft parts. That is why we think it’s so important to remind our clients to always look ahead to what they may need and order essential items as early as possible in order to secure the locked in prices that we offer our valued customers.

Get the Best Prices on Aircraft Parts and Engines from Air Power, Inc.

We genuinely care about our customers and are flexible with helping your shop meet its needs. We put our pricing out in the open and allow our customers to understand the savings they’ll benefit from when working with Air Power, Inc.

Trust us to help your business succeed. Reach out today to learn more about our products or place an order using our new website features. We’re ready to get your brand off the ground.

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